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What are the main headings of a curriculum vitae? (cv)?

Im am about to start college and want to find a part time job, so i want to draw up a cv to leave into various establishments. What are the main headings? and what kind of things should be included?

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  1. JJ says:

    Phone number(s)
    Qualifications (brief)
    Career history
    Education – names of schools, colleges attended
    Personal – date of birth, marital status, nationality

    You won’t have much of a career history, but mention briefly any part-time work you have done, even baby-sitting.

  2. bdare0100 says:

    Personal Details – name, date of birth, address, contact numbers, email address.
    Employment History – where you worked, dates employed, your duties in that position.
    Education – What you studied and dates (not specific subjects)
    Skills and Competencies – List your special talents.
    Referees – List two or three people and their contact details.

  3. kp2005 says:

    For a solid PROFESSIONAL resume, you should definitely include the following items, in the same order:
    *Note – Your headings can be in either all-caps or bold-faced type. For the header with personal information, just start right out with your name; no heading (like “Personal Information”) is required.

    1. Personal Information: name, address, phone #, & email address (nothing more is required; birth date and SSN can be request at the time of the interview)

    2. Objectives: write a brief statement about your working goals (what kind of position you’re interested in, your reason for seeking employment, and your general skills/qualifications for a position like that in question)

    3. Education: include school name/location, graduation date, and degree type awarded (high school would most likely be “General Studies” or “Diploma Studies”; an example of a college degree listing would be “Harvard University, Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Science”); you don’t need to provide a listing of courses you took in high school or through a university.

    4. Work History: include name of employer, length of employment, brief list of duties and reason for leaving (if no longer employed); this can be anything from temporary/sideline jobs to other part-time jobs you’ve had…and if you don’t have any work experience, you don’t have to put the category in at all (make a note of it in your cover letter and go on to emphasize your other qualifications instead)

    5. Training/Skills/Interests: include certifications/training you have obtained (name & date), as well as special skills (proficiency in another language, special training in a certain piece of software, etc.)

    6. References: just state “References are available upon request”; it’s not really their business to know the references until they ask for them specifically (you want them to meet you first before they start calling around).

    While they are not necessarily required for a professional resume, the following categories can prove very helpful to a potential employer in their decision making process (in addition to being necessary for a COLLEGIATE resume):

    –Leadership: include any positions, applicable duties, & years of involvement

    –Awards/Honors: include name of award/honor and date awarded

    –Volunteer Work: include names of events/organizations and dates (and # of hours, if longer than a day)

    –Activities/Organizations: include names of groups and years of membership

    –Research Experience/Presentations: if you are in a degree that requires extensive research, include your topics of study, names of presentations or publications, and dates


    A few sample resumes can be seen at the links below. Most are well-formatted for a high school level list of accomplishments.—no-experience

    For a good sample cover letter, see the link below.

    Good luck! :)

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