who can give some templates of cover letter?Urgent need.?

Hope some can give me some templates of cover letter.
Many thx.

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Elementary School Career Education – The Need, Basics, Examples, and Guidelines

According Ediger (2000), elementary school career education is important. Ediger stated that “the elementary school years are not too early to begin to achieve a vision of what one desires to do in life contributing to the world of work”. Without career education, students have unrealistic perceptions of careers due to a lack of knowledge and poor decision making. Students have limited knowledge and exposure to careers. (2,3) When students look at the different industries e.g. sports, media and entertainment, most students underestimate the skills and time required to…


Job Search Blues? You Need To Get Deprogrammed!

I’ll bet I know exactly why you have job search blues.

You’ve spent a lot of time writing and rewriting your resume till you have it fine-tuned and ready for the job market. Then you distributed it to several job sites like Monster and HotJobs. You answered a bunch of job opening ads and mailed or emailed your resume directly some companies. You even contacted some agencies and recruiters. Maybe you went to a job fair.

The reason for the job search blues is that, after all the…


Why You Might Need an Employment Lawyer

There’s a saying among businesses and employees that goes something like, “You’re not getting paid to believe in your dreams, so get to work!” As a general rule, the number one item any employer is concerned with is your ability to help them make more money.

Were it not for federal and state laws, many employers would take full advantage of their power to hire, fire, or pay a salary based solely on an individual’s contribution to the bottom line. Fortunately for all of us working-class folks, plenty…


I really need help writing a cover letter! Any advice is greatly appreciated ?

I’m looking for a first year hairdressing apprenticeship and i don’t know how to write an appropriate cover letter.
If anyone has any hints or pointers or ever a sample cover letter for this profession i would be so so grateful!

Thank you :)

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I need a resume template for Wordpad?

Does anyone know of a good professional-looking template for Wordpad? I don’t have Microsoft Word on my computer. I simple can’t afford the upgrade because I have no job. I’m a certified Legal Secretary and I need a resume that showcases my talents while not hurting me for all the gaps in my work history. Can anyone help me, please?

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I am applying for a H2B job and I need to write a short cover letter.Can anyone help me with a sample of one?

Especifically the job I am applying to is for the United States. Please help me with a good cover letter, because I don’t like the ones I found on the net.

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Need a Guide: Get Samples of a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a very important factor to consider when applying for a job. It highlights the most important things that an employer should know about the applicant. If in doubt, one may consider viewing a cover letter sample as a guide.

Most people forget the fact that there are actually two very important documents that they should secure whenever they apply for a job. Those two requirements are the resume and the cover letter. We all know that the resume is a very indispensable part of a…


What Is A Resume, Why Do I Need One And Other Mindless Questions!

I know that some of this so basic that it will appear to some of you as third grade curriculum. To others who may not have been in the work force for awhile it will be necessary reading. So with that said let’s begin.

What exactly is a resume and the purpose?

Simply put a resume is a review of your work history. This article is about “How To Write a Resume”. If you have never written one then you need to do it right. My dad…


i need a sample cover letter for a talent agency?

can you please give me a link were i can find one specifally for a talent agency

Thank U

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