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Curriculum Vitae help~?

In Career Counseling, our teacher requires us to include a Curriculum Vitae in our portfolio. All I’ve been seeing around are CVs of job applicants. With nothing much to write in Education/Achievements/etc., what should be included?

I’m a 3rd Year High School student.
Thanks. :)

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2 Responses to “Curriculum Vitae help~?”

  1. tiffany t says:

    Any academic achievements, achievements outside of school, work experience/volunteer – that my suggestion but I am assuming you are a high schooler in the UK- so bare that in mind.

  2. Barb M says:

    A C.V. is slightly different than a resume. It is a statement of your education, training (current employment, residencies, internships, professional memberships, etc.), and cited works (papers, research, studies, talks given, etc.). Any personal information is left off as are descriptions of job duties not directly related to the things listed above. Pay close attention when citing your work that you know exactly the information that is cited: name of article, all authors (if other than you), date of volume if it was published in a professional magazine, book, etc., and the pages it is on.
    I could send you a sample if you want. Just e-mail me