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How do I write a Curriculum Vitae?

I am a recent grad and do not really have any work experience to point to. I studied business and am also seeking to apply internationally for jobs. Does anyone have a good format? I looked online and they were really bad.

Please do not just send me a link to I was already on that website and there was not a single sample on there I could go by.

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2 Responses to “How do I write a Curriculum Vitae?”

  1. Ben R says:

    I think they actually have templates built into MS Word . . . at least they used to . . . Also, have you tried visiting your College or University’s career development center?

  2. Debt Slayer says:

    I modeled my CV based on the professors’ CVs at my grad school. Most colleges will have the CVs of the teaching staff on the school’s website.

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