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Why You Need to Find a Good Resume Cover Letter Template

If you are on the hunt for the perfect job, you may think that attaching a cover letter to your resume might not be such a big deal. After all, you have all your information outlined in your resume, why bother with such an inconvenient formality as a resume cover letter? What you don’t realize is that your prospective employer may get hundreds of applications in a day, and the hiring manager has to sort out through all these resumes to find the right person fit for the job.…


Curriculum vitae; Application for French Job? Need help with translation?

this is for an application we’re making in French class

for “situation de famille”, what does the option celibataire mean? and what are some other terms I could put if I am not celibataire.

for numero de telephone:
what does bureau and domicile mean in this situation? If I put my house phone then what should I put in parentheses instead of those terms?

and for the “centres d’interet et passe-temps” how do I spell Chinese folk dance, Ballet, and Polynesian dance/Tahitian traditional dance
please take the…


Why Would you Need a Catchy Resume

It’s a common mistake to think of resumes as a chronicle of your past. Resumes are not just about capturing history; they must create history—in a way that differentiates yours from thousands of the rest. We all know that there’s a fierce world outside, with neck-to-neck competition devouring the generation and this instead justifies why you need to have a catchy resume. You must make your mark in the crowd to get what you want.

Most resumes would have a typical structure—a series of events by dates,…


I need a good sample of a cover letter to send to a casting director?

Does anyone know a good link where I can find an example of a cover letter to send to a casting director? Or have you written one before and landed an audition, would you be able to share some advice with me? Thanks…

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what site do i need to go to for a cover letter sample to print?

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need sample resume for a customer service rep job for top fortune 500 company?

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I need help! I have worked in two fast food jobs and now I need to build a descent job resume?

I need to make myself professionally open for any job career opportunity, I need help building a resume that won’t make me look like the fast food working loser that I have been. So please I am begging anyone that has been through this to help me
I need help building my resume not help looking for a job

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i have just quallified as a nurse and want to start my job i need to write up my Curriculum Vitae (cv)?

can anyone give me an example of how to write a good cv

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Need help doing job resume but this is going to be my first job?

I need help doing job resume but I haven’t had a job yet. I want to apply for a job but they are all asking for a resume. The thing is I haven’t had a job. Anyone can help me on how to a job resume and also what to put?

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I need a sample cover letter?

Im sending out my resume to some places even if they are not hiring. I havent had a lot of work experience but im looking for work in general office work. Where can I find some sample cover letter for someone whose looking for work?

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