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I am applying for a H2B job and I need to write a short cover letter.Can anyone help me with a sample of one?

Especifically the job I am applying to is for the United States. Please help me with a good cover letter, because I don’t like the ones I found on the net.

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Need a Guide: Get Samples of a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a very important factor to consider when applying for a job. It highlights the most important things that an employer should know about the applicant. If in doubt, one may consider viewing a cover letter sample as a guide.

Most people forget the fact that there are actually two very important documents that they should secure whenever they apply for a job. Those two requirements are the resume and the cover letter. We all know that the resume is a very indispensable part of a…


What Is A Resume, Why Do I Need One And Other Mindless Questions!

I know that some of this so basic that it will appear to some of you as third grade curriculum. To others who may not have been in the work force for awhile it will be necessary reading. So with that said let’s begin.

What exactly is a resume and the purpose?

Simply put a resume is a review of your work history. This article is about “How To Write a Resume”. If you have never written one then you need to do it right. My dad…


i need a sample cover letter for a talent agency?

can you please give me a link were i can find one specifally for a talent agency

Thank U

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What is a cover letter? [need for job]?

I plan to apply for a job but I think I am meant to have a cover letter, but im not to sure what it is or how to do it. Help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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Do you need to state where you found the job on a cover letter if an employer replied to your resume?

Sorry if this sounds confusing but I posted an ad on craigslist for a job I am looking for and an employer replied so how do I mention this on the cover letter? I didn’t actually find this employer’s job ad they replied to me so do I still need to mention how I found out about the job?

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I need a Sample Cover Letter for a Bank Teller position?

websites or actual cover letters please

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How can I search for job listings that are for teenagers? I need a job BAD! I’ll be 15 on the 31st of March

I want to look for job listings for people around my age but I have no idea how or where to look. What are some job search engines I can use online?

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Need sample of a cover letter for job application?

Applying for a job, want a cover letter for my resume

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Unemployed Loans: When You Need Money But are Out of a Job

If you are currently employed, you know that financial resources are going to be a bit low for a period of time. You will have to live economically. But what if you face some big-budget project that you have to carry out? Then you will have no choice but to borrow. Do not worry- even the unemployed have loan schemes that are offered especially to them. These loan schemes are called unemployed loans. Unemployed loans are loans that provide financial aid to those who are currently…


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