Abu Dhabi Jobs – Starting Your Career in Abu Dhabi (Helpful Tips)

Some specific Abu Dhabi jobs tips for someone having passed the resume building stages. These tips are catered specifically for someone wanting to land a job in Abu Dhabi.

Once you have a well presented resume, filled with your credentials on the area of your expertise, the next thing that you need to do is to fully start your career search. You can do this by first searching for job vacancies in your field, most likely through the help of recruitment agents.

Tips from Agencies in Abu Dhabi



Qualities Of An Effective Cover Letter To Catch Your Future Boss’ Attention

When a vacancy for a certain job is posted, it is expected to attract a number of applicants. Among these applicants, more than half will surely be qualified for the position. Just like you, their goal is also to be hired. So aside from the resume that you submit in applying for the job, the cover letter is also attached.

The cover letter is usually a one-page letter that is written to invite the employer to read on to your resume. For a busy employer who had been hectic…


You Can Find the Job Your Want With Biznussolutions

If you are looking for good IT Jobs, Administration Jobs, or Engineering Jobs in the United Kingdom you may have a hard time finding the right one on your own. The same is true of Telecoms Jobs, Industrial Jobs, or Telecoms Jobs. However, there is a solution to conducting your own time consuming and often frustrating job search. At Biznussolutions we have the expert recruitment staff that has made us a well respected leader in the recruitment industry.

We have helped many job seekers find the IT…


Resume Writer – Does Your Career Hunt Need a Boost?

Hiring a resume writer can serve as a boost to your career search, but do you need one? If you ask a writer, the answer will no doubt be one sided. If you apply for jobs only to never hear back from the hiring manager, a writer will tell you that you need professional help. Before you hire a writer, however, you should think about the following:

Read over your resume. There could be spelling and grammatical mistakes that you’re not aware of. These are a huge turn…


The Bear Market and Real Unemployment

Fred Hickey:

“This is a tough market to navigate. On the one hand the world economy is a mess and completely imbalanced. Half of the world is too dependent on exports (mostly Asia) and the other half (US and parts of Europe) is in a dream world believing that they can consume more than they can produce, can pile up almost unimaginably high debt levels and can live happily ever after.”

“On the other hand, whenever the natural market forces begin to remedy this nightmarish state, governments step in…


How to Handle Resume Flaws

An effective resume is a key tool when you are trying to land a job. However, most resumes fail to capture the attention of potential employers for very predictable, but definitely curable, reasons. These are listed below:

1. Lack of Focus – An Unorganized Resume: Most resumes one comes across have a never-ending list of everything the person has done in his or her career. There are also endless lists of skills, personal characteristics and accomplishments, verbs, and unnecessary detail. What you need to do instead of making everything…


What I Learned About Resume Writing for College Leavers


Through my experience, I know what I like and what makes a great resume, but I was facing a personal dilemma.

What do you put in your resume if you are a college leaver?

My son, David recently finished his exams and was to enter the work environment. He needs a resume. A great resume. And who is the best person who can help him. Dad, who has 25 years work experience as a Manager, that’s who. Or so I thought!

My mind was…


Know Your Job Search Lead Time

One of the things that frustrate people about job hunting most is that it takes so long to find the perfect opportunity.  This job search lead time can vary widely, lasting for as little as a week to as long as two years or more.  Because of this, it is very difficult to predict just how long it will take job seekers to find the jobs they want. 

  Literally hundreds of other factors make lead time one of the biggest unknown quantities of a career change.  With the economy…


Scouting for Jobs: Tips from the Pros

Prior to looking for the specific job that would the best fit for you, learn how to effectively market your talents.  This will help you gauge the possibility of landing on the job you want.  First, skills and interests should be evaluated personally.  Jotting down a list would definitely be the best way to define your capabilities; second, to know your limitations.  There are jobs that are too demanding that might not work for you, or jobs that you may be overly qualified for; and third, planning the time…


Strategies For Employment Cover Letters That Sizzle!

There is a saying in sales that you do not sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. This is every bit as true in writing an employment cover letter. Here are some tips that will help you write a cover letter that sells the sizzle.

Your Personal Sales Letter

Above all else, your employment cover letter is your personal sales letter. This is your chance to show the hiring manager that you are the one for the job. This is not the place to be timid. This is where…


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