How You Can Do a Physician Job Search

Physicians are people who practice various types of medicine. They are called medical practitioners who restore and maintain human health through treatment and diagnosis of injury and disease. A physician is also a specialist in internal medicine. They are expert in treatment by medications or drugs rather than surgery.

Physician job search is no more a difficult task as physician jobs today are in great demand. Generally, physicians are given job security and a stable salary in USA. Physicians often have to work for long hours with shifts at…


How To Find A Family Practice Job

For a busy family practice physician, the daily grind is never ending.  You spend your days seeing patients, working on paperwork, preparing reports and all of the myriad duties that go along with the job of physician.  With a schedule that is packed already, if you are considering a change of job, it can be especially daunting to add one more chore of finding a new family practice job to your long list.  The easier and more effective solution to finding family practice jobs is to contact a physician…


How To Make A Superb Cover Letter

Writing different types of letters were taught way back in high school and college. And now that you’ve graduated, it’s time that you make your own letter, a cover letter to be exact.

After graduation, most of the students will begin their search for a job. And in applying for a job, you would need to submit a resume together with a cover letter. If you’re a serious applicant, you should know the importance of having a cover letter to back up your resume.

Here are helpful tips to…


Easy to Make Your Own Jobs Board Software on Aj Classifieds :: Craigslist Clone

AJ Classifieds Micro Editions is powerful, highly customizable classifieds software that can be used for many purposes. It has more features than the most famous classified site like craigslist.org has. AJ Classifieds is a professionally developed PHP Classifieds script that was built with you – the site owner – in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. Whether you wish to run classifieds for real estate, automobiles, for sale, jobs, personals and services, our product is the right package for you. Our classifieds software allows…


Your Resume – A Value Proposition

Value is incorporated in the eye of the beholder. A value proposition is a statement selling the customer (the hiring manager) on items (you) via advantages or outcomes. You can also define a sample resume like a written summary that sells you by demonstrating your successes throughout your profession. Your worth proposition (resume) ought to answer the question, “Why should I hire this individual?” Keep in mind, worth is different for every individual, so make certain to believe of worth in terms from…


The Abcs Of Effective Resume Writing: Part 2 – Flush Out Your Achievements

Figuring out what you’ve actually accomplished in your career is one of the most difficult parts of writing your resume. Many people believe they haven’t done much of anything; just every day tasks that don’t amount to anything.

Think again.

I am willing to say virtually everyone can think of at least one achievement per position they’ve held. Not you? Don’t be so quick to judge. You just have to know where to look and how to dig deep to find the information.

The right place to look



Thoughts From a Grandma to Young People Who Have a Job

Thoughts From a Grandma

To Young People Who Have a Job

By Eva Fry

Recently I returned to the work force and found myself working with many young and enthusiastic teenagers and young people. I have been away from the work force for some time and saw a difference in the attitudes and habits of these young people, from when I was young. I have some words of wisdom, which I believe they need to hear. Things I have learned over a lifetime…


How do I incorporate my salary requirements into my cover letter without coming across as two demanding?

Does anyone know how to incorporate your salary requirements into a cover letter. I am a college student and I want to start sending my resume and cover letter out to employers so I can obtain a job when I graduate this may. Believe it or not none of my professors ever taught this in any of my classes. I have been searching online for templates but I can’t seem to find anything useful can anyone offer any advice.
I know you are not suppose to include the salary…


Job Hunting Tips : Tools for Job Hunting

You’ve got to have the right tools for the job. Learn what you need to start your job search in this free video clip from a professional Expert: Tine Buechler Bio: Tine Buechler obtained her BA in adult education from Brock University in St Catherines, ON. She also graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Western in London, ON. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
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Do I Really Need a Resume Service?

Do I Really Need a Professional Resume Writer?

Yes. A Professional Resume Service Can Help.

There is nothing more important than a good cover letter and resume when looking to jump-start your career, land the perfect interview or get a better salary. A resume writing professional can help with the ideal cover letter and resume layout. You will be amazed at how good you look with a new cover letter and resume.


The majority of recruiters spend less than 7 seconds reviewing a resume…


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