Executive Resume Writing: Get the Top-Level Job You Deserve

Securing a top-level job (executive, senior manager or senior professional) may seem like an impossible task, especially if this is your first time applying for one. But if you feel that you’re ready to take that next step in your career, you can certainly get the job you want – you’ll just have to put in the necessary work by creating a great resume.

Undoubtedly, a resume for an executive-level job is different from one for a lower-level position. So before you send off your application for the…


Are You In The Right Job?

Some people are incredibly fortunate that they know from an early age exactly want they want to do for the rest of their lives. For some artistic and creative people, they don’t even seem to have a choice in the direction their lives take.

Many people, however, are less clear about what they want to do with their lives and change jobs, careers and industries often throughout their working lives. This is more common now than ever, and can be due to people actively looking for better prospects,…


Choosing the Right Resume Format

If you learned to write a resume more than 10 years ago, you may be thinking, “I didn’t know there were different formats.” That’s because until recently, most workers were pretty predictable: they stayed at the same company-or at least within the same field-throughout their careers. Few people switched careers, and they certainly didn’t switch careers the three to five times many workers today do.

Everyone learned how to write a chronological resume because it made sense. And it’s still a viable format for many people, but there’s a…


Cover Letter Fax Guidelines

With the advent of the internet many of the rules changed when applying for a job. While it used to be common to mail or fax your cover letter and resume, now the preferred method is email, or through an online job service such as HotJobs of http://Monster.com.

There are still times when a company will accept paper resumes and cover letters. When this option is available, consider faxing the information. Although email is still the quickest and most convenient route, it also makes…


Do you Want to Write the Best Cover Letter you Can? Here is a Cover Letter Tip you Need to Know!

So you want to write the best cover letter you can to impress your potential employer? Good! Cover letters are an essential part of job seeking and a sub-par letter can doom your efforts to failure. While there are many cover letter tips the main tip you need to know is this:

Do not do a general cover letter!

Cover letters are supposed to be an introduction and promotion of yourself for a specific job with a specific company. To make a cover letter you just slap onto every…


Resume Writing – Should We State Our Hobbies And Interests?

There are two types of resumes: chronological and functional. As its name implies, a chronological resume is one that lists your experience and education in order, starting with the most recent jobs or achievements.

This type of resume is sometimes also referred to as reverse chronological resume, because the order of the listing starts with your current employment.

Functional resumes focus on your qualifications, not your career timeline. This style of the resume highlights what skills you have, rather than where and when you acquired…


Resume Writing – How To Start From Scratch

Facing a blank page when you are trying to write a resume can be very scary. You may think that you don’t have enough to say about yourself to fill a page; you may be wondering just how to list all of your skills and experience within a single sheet of paper. To get started, ask yourself some questions about your past jobs and your career goals.

Before you even begin writing a resume, define the exact reasons why you need one. While this may sound simple,…


EEG Recruiting Video Resume Demo

Demonstration of a Video Resume recorded using a simple Webcam and USB Microphone. EEG Recruiting Career Services offers professional production of your video footage. Adding titles, a soundtrack and creative transitions will give your Video Resume that professional look. In this tough job market, you cannot afford to let your qualifications go unnoticed! Prices start as low as $175. Contact EEG Recruiting Career Services Today! www.eegrecruiting.com/cs or call (800) 819.1841 Ext. 732.
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What to Do if you Would Like to Change Jobs

Are you currently unhappy with your employer or your job? If you regularly find yourself in a work related conflicts, if you are regularly required to work late, or if you unsatisfied with your current pay, you may be interested in changing jobs. If this is something that you would like to do, you are advised to proceed with caution. Terminating your position with your current employer and finding a new job is something that is more than possible to do, but you need to be careful with your…


Diversityworking.com – How to Assess Your Resume?


Is your resume good enough? Is it getting the response you want?

If you think the answer is No, you probably need to take a good hard look at it again. What seems to be the problem? Well, take the effort to sense your strengths and weaknesses by conducting a thorough assessment of your resume. To do this effectively, ask yourself in an honest way the following questions:

Did you clearly express your personal brand? Clarity of thought is important. Since your resume goes to a…


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