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What I Learned About Resume Writing for College Leavers


Through my experience, I know what I like and what makes a great resume, but I was facing a personal dilemma.

What do you put in your resume if you are a college leaver?

My son, David recently finished his exams and was to enter the work environment. He needs a resume. A great resume. And who is the best person who can help him. Dad, who has 25 years work experience as a Manager, that’s who. Or so I thought!

My mind was a blank – a bit like David’s resume.

I do not know what to include. David has no work experience. This was going to be his first job.

When I interviewed Jacob Share (Creator and Owner of for The Great Successful People Package, it was a blast. Jacob knows so much about the Job Market; it is what he excels in. I knew straight away this was going to be great.

As well as subjects like preparing, planning, executing and reviewing your job finding, Jacob also shared his tips, ideas and experience on what college leavers should include in their resume.

I was thinking I have this problem now, today with my son David. Now we are on the subject I am going to grill Jacob for all his wisdom.

So, here is David, my son, who has a good academic background and passed many exams but no professional or work experience.

Therefore, what did I learn from Jacob?

So much!

It is just as important for college leavers to have a compelling resume, as someone who is 35 years old with 15 years work experience. The difference is that the 35 year old has 15 working years to call upon and complete their resume. The college leavers have no work experience but we do not just want to ‘fill the resume up with irrelevant rubbish’. Everything included in the resume has to count.

So what can we include in the college leavers resume?

Focus on where you have had success.

Sport, college competitions, any work experience, member of any groups.

David has played football for the past 14 years. He started when he was 4. In 14 years he has only ever missed three training sessions (makes him very reliable), won numerous cups and medals (worked as a team), represented the county (he is totally committed), captained the side (shows leadership) and won ‘player of the year’ (shows development and hunger to learn) several times.

What a great success story to have on his resume.

David buys and sells things on eBay. He takes the pictures, he adds the descriptions, he sends off the packages and has a 100% positive feedback record. This shows he has customer service experience, he is reliable and trustworthy. All excellent traits that employers are looking for.

David is a member of a band, he plays the lead guitar. They complete a few local gigs doing cover songs of Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. That sort of thing. That takes dedication and persistence and shows great time management skills.

Remind yourself about all of the successes

Jacob really made me think about how college leavers can include relevant experience in their resume. You just have to remind yourself about all of the successes you have had.

Tailor each cover letter

Another million-dollar idea, which Jacob shared, was regarding cover letters. Tailor each cover letter you write to the job you are applying for. The cover letter’s purpose is to get the person reading it, to read your resume. Then if your resume is relevant and appropriate you will receive an invite for an interview.

Your cover letter should refer to the skills and behaviours required in the job description. Link your experience with the job description; Show the employer that you have the skills they are looking for.

For example, David was applying for a role at the local hospital and the job description was asking for a dedicated individual who was reliable and could work in a team.

David’s cover letter detailed his football career and the fact that he practiced twice a week and won several medals / trophies as part of a team.

Thanks to Jacobs’ ideas and knowledge, the effort David and I put into creating his resume and cover letter enabled David to start his first job.

Thanks, Jacob.

So if you are a college leaver and you are not too sure, what to include in your resume think about the skills and behaviours you have portrayed in your successes. Remember do not just fill up you resume, fill it up with relevant examples that ‘show-off’ your talents.

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