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Resume Writer – Does Your Career Hunt Need a Boost?

Hiring a resume writer can serve as a boost to your career search, but do you need one? If you ask a writer, the answer will no doubt be one sided. If you apply for jobs only to never hear back from the hiring manager, a writer will tell you that you need professional help. Before you hire a writer, however, you should think about the following:

Read over your resume. There could be spelling and grammatical mistakes that you’re not aware of. These are a huge turn off to potential employers. Take a moment to think about the language that you used. Can you change the wording to make it sound more professional?

Is your resume relevant? If you are in the midst of a career change, your resume may not be relevant to the position you are applying for. Trim away experience and qualifications that do not qualify you for the job you are applying for. A mixed resume is confusing to employers. Show them why you are qualified for the job by highlighting pertinent experience only.

Find ways to make your resume stand out from others. Highlighting your accomplishments is a great way to do this. Woo your future boss and show them why you are a great hire.

If you are still unhappy with your resume, you may want to consider hiring a resume writer. A professionally-polished resume may get you noticed, but it is not a guarantee of employment. Hiring a writer can be expensive as well. So, you should always weight the benefits against the drawbacks before you hire a writer.

Before you hire any writer, you should be sure of their qualifications. There are many people that say they can do the job, but can they? Always ask for writing samples and a fee structure outline ahead of time. Look for a service that has a flawless reputation. You may also want to select a professional that offers additional job seeking services as well.

If you need help finding a writer, start with the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). This association can provide you with a list of writers and an outline of their qualifications. All of the writers listed are certified and meet industry standards. If you choose not to use this service, be sure to research any writer or company that you plan to hire. Hiring a resume writer is not a task that should be taken lightly. It’s your money and your career on the line. Make sure that you get what you pay for.

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