Are Hidden Beliefs Creating a Lackluster Career?

How close are you at creating your dream career? What is holding you back? Are you afraid of success or failure? Have you lost your career passion and don’t know why?

Laura is self-employed real estate investor. She recalled that she once felt passionate about her work, but she lost it. She feels bored, apathetic, uninspired and unable to take any action. After working together on her limiting beliefs and stuck energy patterns, Laura learned that she needs to remind herself that she is grateful for the…


Federal Resumes – 10 Tips For Success

Applying for A federal job requires you to take a different approach and adhere to a different set of rules and techniques. Unlike private sector recruitment, the procedures followed in federal recruitment goes by certain criteria and rules. The basic idea here is to provide every applicant an equal opportunity. Of late, the OF-612 form, or Federal Resume, is the accepted resume form for federal jobs. Here are 10 key tips to writing a Federal Resume that works:

1. Don’t forget to include information specific to the job as…


Personal Loan With No Credit Check and Unemployed: Relief for the Bad Credit History

Lots of lenders are ready to provide the cash to the bad credit history through Personal Loan With No Credit Check And Unemployed. Personal Loan With No Credit Check And Unemployed is the reliable source for everyone who wants to avail the cash to solve the financial disasters. These types of loans are long terms loans so the rate of interest is not high. The amount is availed in mainly two forms secured and unsecured because in today’s world many kinds of people are living, and they have different…


Is dreaming and thinking about the future weird?

I know everybody does it but I seem to overdo it,it like you know its supposed to be fun when you daydream about these things.Like when I think about becoming a filmaker I ALREADY start looking for schools in my parents budget,looking for sample resumes for a job to pay for college and sometimes I begine to feel blue when I start thinking “Oh…Im not good enough for this blah blah blah” Its like I overdo this too much.Once my friend asked me “what would you do I you found…


Alternative Online Job Search . . . Avoid Making a BIG Mistake!

Remember the good old days before the “No Call” list? It illustrates why an alternative online job search plan is required if you have any hope of using the convenience of online services to help you get a job.

Let me show you what I mean. It’ll help to understand the importance of an alternative online job search.

You’re just sitting down to supper when the phone rings. It’s a telemarketer (one of several who tried calling you today). He’s talking very fast to capture your attention before you…


Some Advice How To Write A Winning Job Application

Everyone who has written a job application knows how difficult it is to start with a blank document and fill it with positive qualities and qualifications. When a new job is advertised in for example a newspaper, many skilled and competent people answer with their applications. It is not uncommon that several hundred of applications are received. Typically, your application is the image an employer or recruiter has of you. It is of this picture she or he makes a crucial decision about your future. In this article there…


Valuable Resume and Career Tips

The following responses to popular questions are designed to facilitate an effective job search campaign, starting with the resume:

QUESTION: Do I need an objective? I need to do my resume, but I am not sure what kind of job I want. Do I need one? My friend who used to be my supervisor in my old job told me that I do not. Is she right?

ANSWER: There are many opinions on the subject. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Either use…


Your Job Search And Developing A Successful Professional Career

For those of us that are just beginning their job search after finishing their course of study, the world of work can seem rather daunting. There are so many careers to choose from these days. They are no easier to get into than they ever were, and it is so hard to know before you start which are the most likely to suit your temperament and long-term interests.

For all those embarking on a job search I would like to say that one of the most important criteria should…


Career GPS: Strategies for Women Navigating the New Corporate Landscape

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Product Description

The workplace is constantly in flux, and even now there are new opportunities open to women. But to take advantage of these possibilities, it’s essential to know the current rules for corporate success. This isn’t your father’s or your mother’s workplace anymore!

Whether it’s the CEO seat, an executive manager slot, or…


Resume Makeover Tips: Some Simply Effective Ideas

Your resume is the key to getting into those great interviews and, ultimately, getting the job. So what types of things do we all need to look out for when preparing or reviewing our resume? Included in this article are some of the most important tips a person can receive according to a few acquaintances in corporate human resources departments.

The first thing an individual should do once they begin the resume review process is to make sure there are no spelling errors! Yes, this seems…


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