How do I write a resume if I haven’t done anything yet?

So I’m 19 and I’m going to start looking for a job. Everyone’s telling me that I should have a resume, but I don’t feel like I’ve done much with my life yet (I am still a kid).
The only things that I can think of to put on a resume are.
Graduated high school
2 semesters as a culinary arts student (while i was there I got a servesafe certification, should I list that separatly?)

umm…thats it
I never really got good grades in high…


Teacher Resume

Creating a teacher resume is really no different than creating any type of resume. As is the case with all resumes, the objective is to state the job for which you are seeking, list your qualifications that make you the right person for the job and list your educational experience. A teacher resume must also list certifications that are needed for whatever type of teaching job you are seeking. Different teaching jobs in different states require certain certifications. Prior to applying for the job, you should make certain that…


Ready to Begin a New Job Search or is a Home Based Business a Better Option?

Deciding on one’s career path could be one of the most stressful moments in a persons life. To make things worse, it’s an even scarier thought for most Americans that face their worst fears, they lost their jobs. For many of you, its compounded by dread of the thought of having to go on a job Interview again and selling some employer how you are the right choice for the job. I’ve heard nightmarish jokes in the corporate lunch rooms about not hiring a perfectly qualified candidate who was…


776 Success comes from those who dare to fashion the world in their own image. Part 3

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Working On A Sample Resume Cover Letter

There are two people in the world who are looking for work in the job market. The first is the idealist who is still fresh out of college. The second is the executive who is sick and tired with a dead end job.

One of the hardest things to work on before applying for a job is the resume. This may not be a problem for a fresh grad but this will be challenging for someone who has worked in various positions and then squeezing this into just 2…


Free Cover Letter Templates For Resumes

Many web sites on the Internet can be extremely helpful in offering up free resume templates that are available for download and just need to have your personal information filled in.

Free Cover Letter Templates For Resumes

Job searching is never fun and can be frustrating at times. But having a professional, eye-catching resume is extremely important because it is used as a tool to represent you when you are not in front of the person who is doing the hiring. You want your resume to best reflect…


Sample Medical Transcription Resume: Make your Case and Get That Medical Transcription Job Now!

Many medical transcriptionists want a sample medical transcription resume to follow in order to know what should be included in a resume. For those who are established in the medical transcription profession and have credibility within the medical field, here are some points to consider, followed by a sample medical transcription resume that outlines the salient information that should be included.

1) Be as succinct as possible in your medical transcription resume, and highlight what skill sets you bring to the table.

2) Limit your resume to…


Freelance Jobs 101: the Freelance Provider & Buyer Guide

Being a freelancer simply mean you work for yourself and provide a service or talent which can be outsourced. There are a number of services which can be outsourced, such services include programming, writing, web design, search engine optimization, etc. Services such as these usually can be accomplished from a remote location without the need of a local onsite presence. This being the case makes freelancing very appealing as a provider and as a buyer.

It’s almost obvious how providers benefit from freelancing and opportunities of freelance…


These is What You Need Before Starting a Job Search in Nebraska

Searching for a job can be done through browsing the internet. Job opportunities are available in plenty when the keyword job search Nebraska is used for searching and a wide range of options is displayed. The keyword job search Nebraska provides some of the popular job searches available on the Internet.

Some of the web links like job-hunt.org are popular web portals for providing good jobs. One can find a variety of jobs that are offered in different sectors. You may also have privilege of visiting more jobsites…


Common Examples Of Resume Cover Letter Mistakes

Job seekers are everywhere; you can find them on the busy streets and even on the Internet. Times have greatly changed, and without a job, you can’t live a normal life.

All the essential necessities needed to survive have their prices soaring high, and how else can you answer this but to have a good-paying job. The fact is that there are many job hunters out in the market and the question whether to get employed or not depends entirely on how you market yourself to prospective employers.



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