If You Need A Great Job You Need A Great Resume

Landing a great job starts with writing a great resume. There’s no doubt that in these financially difficult times it’s never been harder to find the ideal job, and you won’t with a second rate resume.

Job applicants have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other job applicants for every good job. Your personal job history is important to you, but to anyone in charge of making those all important job interviews, if your personal job history doesn’t jump out and hit them in the face when…


How To Write The First Resume Right

Entering the job market for the first time is an exciting prospect. New graduates and high school leavers will start looking for job prospects and applying for vacancies in a bid to secure employment. This is the time they will write their first resume. Getting it right is of critical importance if you wish to change your status to being employed within a short span of time. Creating the resume puts a great amount of pressure on novices at it. This is their first attempt at creating something which…


Rhonda Victoor – Stop Trying & Start Doing

Do you ever have light bulb moments? What do you do with that wisdom? As a business coach and inspirational speaker, Rhonda Victoor helps people recognize those BIG gems and then act on them. She believes that it is acting on one BIG gem that separates a good intention from a great career. Victoor is the founder of INCITE Coaching, and the author of Awakening the Workplace. Victoor’s inspiring stories are guaranteed to move you from trying to doing! www.speakers.ca To bring Rhonda…


What can I do to get a job interview?

I have over 2 years retail experience but have only worked temporary jobs for the last year because I was a full time student. I am ready for full time non seasonal work but I cant get interviews. Can some1 give me an example of a resume w time gaps or a sample resume that explains why there are time gaps? Thanks
thanks for clarifying that. I used to get jobs within a week normally only having to apply to 1. Now I have applied to about 100 and…


Job Interview Preparation – Three Key Steps

Pay attention to your personal public image in your job interview preparation. These are three critical details that are often overlooked in preparing for the job search and job interview process but they can derail your chances of getting the job you want. 

Your Voicemail Message

Check what your voicemail message sounds like. Increase your chances of success while job hunting by making sure your voicemail message conveys a mature and professional personal image. Update it before you begin the job search and interview process to reflect…


Serious Resume Questions?

So for starters this question is primarily meant for those in the hospitality (Back of the House) industry. Over the past 12 months I have been going through a slight “job hopping” phase. And though right now I am content with my current job I also have doubts about the true LONG TERM potential it offers on my resume. So following is a few questions as well as a “sample” resume.

First question:
How long is considered a short term job and when is it safe to leave? For…


Differentiate Yourself and Land a Job Fast Even In a Recession

When unemployment is high and you find yourself in a competitive job market, it is easy to get discouraged. It is a fact that there are more and more people competing for fewer and fewer jobs. And, there is no doubt about it! In a time when it seems like no one is hiring and you hear about new lay offs on a daily basis, it can be challenging to even get motivated to start a job search, never mind successfully land a new job.

But, there are still…


What you should know before you searching for a job

Career and job opportunities come and go every day. If you don’t know where to look or who to talk to, you will be lost in the highway of chances that you’re missing out. You may have crafted a very informative resume or curriculum vitae, gauged enough experience with your skills and talents in the field you’re in, and probably have all the time in the world for an interview. Despite this, you can’t land a job because what you lack are resources-here are four ways you should venture…


Networking In College: Build Your Network Before You Need It!

Learning how to network in college helps to jump-start your career before graduation. In this Careers Out There interview, Scott Tsuchiyama of University of Michigan’s Career Center explains how to network and why you should build your network before you need it.
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Finding Fulfillment at Midlife: Home Staging as a Second Chance Career

According to a study reported in Prevention Magazine, “79% of baby boomers expect to work at least part-time well into their golden years”. The study revealed that “a growing number of adults are looking at their 40s, 50s, and 60s as the right time to start fresh in an entirely new field”.

Craving a more fulfilling and meaningful career is one area of focus during midlife adjustment. As adults reach midlife, the importance of achieving goals and doing what makes them happy becomes much more important. This is…


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