Grabbing That Job: Writing A Cover Letter For Your Resume

Looking for a job is easier nowadays, what with the advent of the World Wide Web, fast searching for jobs online, and more job opportunities. What has not changed, however, is politeness. No matter what employer you go to, no matter which company you apply to, you have to follow protocols in your job application.

One such protocol is the polite and quintessential cover letter. A cover letter is your first impression: your chance to catch attention and make yourself seen amongst the thousands of other applicants. If you…


Dangers Of The Free Cover Letter Example

Sometimes the internet makes things too easy. If you want to know how to do something, like write a cover letter, chances are there’s a free example just waiting for you. However, just because something is free to use, it doesn’t mean you should use it. Free cover letter examples fall into this category.

While a free cover letter example may give you a good guideline for how to structure your cover letter, it shouldn’t be used for much more than that. The danger lies in relying too heavily…


Amazing Cover Letter Creator Review

If you are looking for an opportunity to land that dream job, one of the most important aspects to the job search process is the cover letter. In many cases your cover letter can have a bigger impact in getting you an interview than your resume itself. The key is to write a strong cover letter that highlights why you would be the perfect candidate for the position.

The problem is most job seekers simply don’t know how to write a strong cover letter. As such they either attempt…


Use Your Intuition to Land The Perfect Job (or launch your business)

Lets face it. Landing the perfect job in today’s economic upheaval is going to prove a challenge for many of you. Has nothing to do with you, or your abilities, and everything to do with the job market and the uncertainty of the times. In fact, there may no longer be perfect jobs. 


This means, you need to shift your perception a bit, and look at what exactly would be the perfect job or career for you during these times. It’s a different question altogether. In other words,…


Avoid Wasting Time to Study an Example of a Job Resume?discover How to Create an Attention Grabber Cover Letter in Less Than 3.5 Minutes or Less

Avoid wasting time to study an example of a job resume…

Discover how to create an attention grabber cover letter in less than 3.5 minutes or less.

Payrolls tumbled for the sixth consecutive month in June, bringing the total number of job losses in the first half of the year to 438,000.

Avoid wasting time to study an example of a job resume. How many times have you rewritten your own trying to create the perfect job resume…with the same result… complete rejection, no interview.



Objective Of A Resume? Read On To Find Out

Most people view the resume as the most important tool for securing a job. A resume is the first contact between the candidate and the potential employer; it is an introduction to the applicant’s skills and qualification for the job. The overall purpose of preparing a resume would be to secure a job. The individual will aim to prepare a resume in order to try to meet the needs of the targeted company. However, there are a few myths, which need to be done away with. These are some…


From Hunting to Hired: Ten Solutions for Job Searching in a Tight Market


By Dr. Richard Bayer, Chief Operating Officer of The Five O’Clock Club and author of


The Good Person Guidebook: Transforming Your Personal Life


(Five O’Clock Books, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-944054-16-1, $14.95)

Consider relocating.  A critical mistake that job hunters often make is limiting their search to one specific area. The job market may be oversaturated in your current city, but there may be openings in your area of expertise elsewhere. Remain open to different locations and company structures. Widening your job search horizons may help…


Is An Unbalanced Work Life Bothering You? Work From Home Careers May Just Be The Solution You Need

The number of work from home careers available today is astonishing. If you are dreaming of being your own boss so that you can spend more time with your family and kids, work from home careers may be the answer you’re looking for. Work from home careers help to restore the work-life balance which may have gotten skewed.

There are so many work from home careers that it can be slightly overpowering when you a sifting through the list. This sifting is extremely important so that you can decide…


Resume Objectives – Getting Started

www.rogers-resume-help-center.com Correctly presented resume objectives can be a good addition to a resume. Most people do not take their time to think and write the objective properly, as they simply include a few irrelevant statements. Moreover, it is critically important to have a resume objective relevant for the position you are seeking. To create a good impression with your future employer is your number one priority. If you do not stand out from the crowd and get noticed, your odds of getting invited…


Job Hunting – 5 Myths That Get in the Way of a Good Resume

Myth #1-If you send it, they will read it

Employers today receive upwards of 1000 resumes for every job that they advertise. No employer has time to peruse every resume, much less read each one from top to bottom to absorb all of your impressive skills. So which resumes do they read? A sense of fairness would suggest that it is the resumes of the most highly qualified applicants that get looked over, but as your mother often quoted, “Life is not fair.” Hiring managers sort through resumes…


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