Evaluating Job Offers for Teaching Abroad

You have decided on teaching abroad so you are off on the job
hunt. Aside from the obvious considerations such as what country
to work in and what training/qualifications to obtain; there are
other things a teachers should consider when looking at
potential job offers.

There are many factors a teacher considers which will affect
whether they accept a position. The most obvious factor would be
the content of the position. What is the school asking of you as
a teacher? You…


Finding the Career that Fits You Workbook

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Job Security Is a Thing of the Past. In a time when companies are laying off thousands of people and 60 to 80 percent of employees are not satisfied with their jobs, many people are wondering if there is such a thing as job security and whether they can actually enjoy their work – after all, if you spend most of your waking hours doing something, you at least should like it.According to Lee Ellis and Larry Burkett, you can find the career that fits you. You


Learning the Supply Chain Before Pursuing Manufacturing Jobs

In the manufacturing world, the supply chain is the spine that keeps the entire operation functioning smoothly. Supply chains start at the design table, continue through production and storage and finish in the retail environment. Professionals interested in manufacturing jobs overlook the importance of the entire supply chain before heading in for an interview. Your ability to land manufacturing jobs in the United Kingdom and Europe may hinge entirely on your knowledge of supply chain issues. This knowledge will set you apart from competitors for the same position.


Resume for a college freshman?

I’m going to be a freshman in college and i need to put together a resume so i can start looking for part-time jobs. The problem is a really don’t have a lot of work experience (i’ve only had one job) and i’m not sure what to include on a resume. Most of the samples i have looked out seem to be geared for people with ample job experience or education.

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Job Sites Top Five

Currently, there are 5 of the most sought after web sites being used by aspiring applicants on the web when job-hunting. These are:

5) Net-Temps.com

This site provides job openings at one click. Just enter a keyword, specify the location and it will give you over a hundred results. It provides help in posting resumes including tutorial on how to make one. It allows searchers to use a job search assistant that searches thousands of contracts and direct jobs to store up to three cover letters/resumes for…


Recession Busting Job Tips: 3 Job Search Strategies For Today’s Economy

Are you concerned about making a career change in todays economy? Though I can’t look into the future to see what will happen, what I can do for you is share three tips that will increase your odds of getting the job you want.

Job Search Strategy #1: Go where the jobs are

It’s a wise move to read the executive job trend reports put out by my colleague, Mark Hovind, President of JobBait. I am a big fan of these monthly statistics that show you clearly what markets…


6 Common Traps on Resume

In the recruiting process, the first thing we screen is the job candidate’s resume.  Have you ever imagined that all the information listed on resume is not true? Or, have you ever imagined all the jobs and job titles listed on resume is not true?  According to our research with a local university in Asia, 62% of respondents have admitted that they have exaggerated on their resume to get their current job. 

In this article, I will lay out 6 common traps listed on resume:

Job title exaggeration: One…


Loans for Unemployed: A financial provision for jobless

Jobless people can opt for loans for unemployed to meet their needs during a bad phase of unemployment. These loans act as a financial provision for the people who are without job due to varied reasons such as loss of employment, medical unfitness, etc. It is fact, that good and bad phase of life go hand in hand. The borrower or jobless can handle bad phase of financial assistance by taking up the loans which are designed for unemployed. The amount availed can be used for meting various expenses…


Mistakes Job Seekers Make Series: Job Search Methods

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When you launch your job search, the ocean of possibilities for where to get started can look overwhelming. With so many job-posting sites, companies posting jobs on their own sites, Craigslist, aggregators, job fairs and press releases, there is little wonder why you can go from overwhelmed to a dead stop in less than a second.

Not all job search methods are created equal in terms of how effective they will be in helping you to find a job. In this context, effective…


The Job Hunting Handbook

  • Just fill in the blanks to build a solid resume
  • Complete the sentences to write a better cover letter
  • What to wear to a job interview
  • Fifty interview questions to expect- with answers
  • 20 interview questions to ask

Product Description
In 48 easy-to-read pages, The Job Hunting Handbook walks you through every step of the job hunt. You’ll learn how to prospect for jobs, land interviews, impress hiring managers, and win job offers.

Look what’s included:
* Just fill in the blanks to build a powerful…


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