Resume Templates – Worried Your Resume Won’t Meet the Grade?

Google “resume templates” and you’ll find a lot of websites which provide blank resume examples. Many will list the resume or CV headings and give you some general information about what to include under each heading and no more.

But when you’re struggling to find the right words to sell your experience, personal qualities and skills, blank resume templates just don’t hit the mark.

What you really want is some completed resume templates so you can see how others have sold themselves effectively on paper and do…


Get Help With Cover Letter Samples

Cover letter samples are often found in the internet websites. Mind you, there are thousands of cover letter samples that will pop out of your computer screens as you type the keyword in the search engines. Generally, these cover letter samples signify your fullest potential of landing into the job that you want. And because the cover letter samples are too plenty, sample seekers like you end up confused as to which one to pick and pattern your own cover letter.

Cover letter writers like you are acquainted…


How to choose a template and inputting infomation for your resume

The first step in creating a resume is to determine the information you need and a layout to use for said information. A free resume template is a good place to start. We’ll show you how to download a free resume template in Microsoft Word and how to identify the information you’ll need to complete it. We also show you how to change the Theme used to format your text and work with colors and fonts to make your resume stand out. A…


Cover Letter Templates

Cover letter templates can be a great asset to job seekers if they are used correctly. There seems to be some cover letter misconceptions though among job seekers. They use these templates based on their misconception of the cover letter templates and this leads to them receiving no calls requesting they come for an interview. The jobs seeker who have these cover letter misconceptions do not realize they are doing anything wrong when they use the cover letter templates incorrectly based on their misconceptions of its use.

One cover…


‘My Job Buddy’ Helps Jobseekers Find Their Dream Job

At the current time finding in a job in such a competitive market is very difficult, at My Job Buddy our sole aim is to help jobseekers through that often frustrating process.

Everyone is turning to the internet for their job searching, no matter what their level of job, experience or ambition, but there are major frustrations associated with jobseeking.  Anyone who has applied for jobs on the internet is probably aware of automated ‘email alert’ systems, where you are regularly emailed a list of jobs that the automated…


The Importance of Resume Samples

People looking for a new job or those who just want to be promoted, must definitely have at their disposal a professional resume. Although most people make their own resumes at home, the end product made by people who know exactly what they are doing will make a difference when you apply for a new job. Your resume needs to be perfect and to include all the essential things the employer is interested in.

The purpose of the resume is to show the reader that you have the necessary…


Resume Writing Solutions for your Challenging Career History

Do you have a completely unblemished work history? Was writing your resume a breeze because you are perfectly qualified with a model career and educational background?

Or, do you find yourself struggling to prepare your resume…struggling because of some glitch or problem in your background that you don’t know quite how to overcome in your resume?

* Maybe you are too old…or too young…

* Maybe you have an obvious gap in your work history…

* Maybe you have changed employers too many times…


The Blue Collar Resume and Job Hunting Guide: Secrets to Getting the Job You Really Want

  • ISBN13: 9781570232589
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Product Description
This book showcases the best resumes written by professional resume writers for a large range of blue collar workers in a variety of occupations. It also reveals numerous insider tips on conducting an effective job search, including navigating the hidden job market, assessing skills, setting goals, networking, conducting research, using the Internet, completing applications, writing letters, interviewing, negotiating compensation, getting started on the job, and more.

The Blue Collar Resume and Job Hunting Guide:


The Cover Letter Sample Gold Rush!

The cover letter sample gold rush has flooded the job market with these over used cover letters. Prospective employers are seeing the same old cover letter coming across their desks from countless applicants. Prospective employers are no longer taking a real close look at these cover letters before sending them to the trash can. Job seekers have spent so much time and energy into putting together their resumes that they leave little time to writing a cover letter. They grab up a sample cover letter that they found on…


Resume Writing Tips- 5 Tips To Boost Your Success Today

Virtually every job you apply for in the modern world will require you to send in your resume, and often the quality of that resume is the determining factor in whether you succeed or fail. As so many resumes are just run of the mill efforts with very little thought or preparation, it doesn’t take that much to stand out from the crowd. These resume writing tips will give you a head start!

Resume Writing Tip 1- Make sure you have a plan. Do your research and be…


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