Some Advice How To Write A Winning Job Application

Everyone who has written a job application knows how difficult it is to start with a blank document and fill it with positive qualities and qualifications. When a new job is advertised in for example a newspaper, many skilled and competent people answer with their applications. It is not uncommon that several hundred of applications are received. Typically, your application is the image an employer or recruiter has of you. It is of this picture she or he makes a crucial decision about your future. In this article there are a couple of advice how to write an application, or how your current application can be improved.

Looking for a job is a tough job. It takes a lot of energy from both mind and body to contact the employer, to get many no or finally perhaps a yes but having to move from your loved ones to get the job. If you want a good job you will have to put a lot of power behind your application. It will help you to become more efficient and you will get to come to more interviews.

Your application is the most important document you have when you are looking for work. The employer or recruiter often view your application in about 20 seconds before she or he takes a decision if you are interesting for the work and shall be called for an job interview.

A job application can be completed in several ways. An application usually consists of a CV and a personal letter. But you can also attach other documents like diplomas, certificates, work samples and more. It is important that you personalize your full application to the job you apply for, and just send the information that is relevant for the job. It is important that you personalize your application for each job you apply for, by highlighting and emphasizing what is important for the particular job you seek, you have more chance to get an interview with the employer .

CV means Curriculum Vitae , which is Latin for “courses of life” (course of one’s life). In your CV you should explain and describe your experience, skills and personal qualities that you want the recruiter to know about and try to write so you get the recruiters attention. There is no limit to how many pages a CV may be but keep the number of pages to about 2-3. It gives a stronger content and more focused message. A simpler version of a CV is a resume that usually only contains previous jobs and educations.

The personal letter is the first one the employer or recruiter will read. Therefore it is important to capture their interest already in the beginning of the message. The aim is to get the reader to read your letter in order to discover what chance they have to hire you.

1. Your CV is not about what you’ve done. It’s about what you want to do. Your application should be about what you want to do and what you can do.
2. It is not a court that will read your application. Do not tell everything about yourself but do tell what is relevant and positive.
3. Do not just write a list with descriptions of courses and jobs you have had. Write about your accomplishments and the positive qualities you have.
4. Be honest. You can be creative in your descriptions and the choice of sentences and words. But you should always tell the truth.
5. Write about what is relevant for the work you are seeking. If age is important, write your age. If it is important to have a good telephone voice, write that you have it or send an audio samples. The look can for some jobs be important. Include a photo in your application.

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