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Is dreaming and thinking about the future weird?

I know everybody does it but I seem to overdo it,it like you know its supposed to be fun when you daydream about these things.Like when I think about becoming a filmaker I ALREADY start looking for schools in my parents budget,looking for sample resumes for a job to pay for college and sometimes I begine to feel blue when I start thinking “Oh…Im not good enough for this blah blah blah” Its like I overdo this too much.Once my friend asked me “what would you do I you found a unicorn?” and I was just supposed to say “I would try and catch it” then I started saying after that “then I will make it led me to its herd and then I will call national geographic then I will invest my money to make a company just for electronics and gadgets called _______ (I forgot the name but I spent about an hour thinking of it) then my friend said “Hey slow down..dont think about it too much,unicorns arnt real”

see what I mean!!I overdo things to much its like I can make anything brief even if I wanted to!!

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6 Responses to “Is dreaming and thinking about the future weird?”

  1. kuks says:

    no man
    its cool.
    its actuallu good
    there are so many who cannot dream or who try but are not able to
    its a blessing.
    enjoy doing it.

  2. peepoh_073 says:

    you know what, we’re almost the same. i also do that. but it only means that you’re very imaginative. it doesn’t mean that you’re weird. many people do that too. i mean a lot. no one said that dreaming is not allowed. maybe the one you talked to also does the same thing[to others]..^_^ yun Lang waLa na q masabi.

  3. redunicorn says:

    Channel that energy into writing a story or something similar. You sound very creative. You could be a great filmmaker someday.

  4. Shu says:

    Isn’t it time to get to school?

  5. harsh_oist says:

    no its not like that
    if u cann’t dream u won’t know where u want ur self to be in future
    dream but do the things to make ur dreams become true

  6. Marvin the paranoid android says:

    Yeah, but you loose the “here, now” in the process. But if it’s fun, who am I to tell you not to dream? ;)

    I believe that we do need some dreamers in this world; especially the ones who can follow through and make their dreams real. :)

    All progress often depends on these people. The people who are bogged down with their daily dose of reality don’t exactly work for a beautiful future. It’s those who have a vision for their world, that dream big and dare to make it real.

    But do you have the guts and the resources to be a filmmaker?

    Spielberg waited outside a lot of doors only to make his dream real.

    I hope you make a great documentary/movie some day.

    Good Luck!