The Job Hunting Handbook

  • Just fill in the blanks to build a solid resume
  • Complete the sentences to write a better cover letter
  • What to wear to a job interview
  • Fifty interview questions to expect- with answers
  • 20 interview questions to ask

Product Description
In 48 easy-to-read pages, The Job Hunting Handbook walks you through every step of the job hunt. You’ll learn how to prospect for jobs, land interviews, impress hiring managers, and win job offers.

Look what’s included:
* Just fill in the blanks to build a powerful resume.

* Complete the sentences to write a better cover letter.

* Create a cheat sheet to fill out a perfect job application.

* Discover 13 easy ways to get a job interview.

* Know what to wear to a job interview and why it matters.

* Learn to show genuine enthusiasm, which is the key to a great interview.

* Know the 50 interview questions a hiring manager might ask you, with answers.

* Know the 20 interview questions hiring managers expect you to ask.

* Learn the four things you need to do after every job interview.

The Job Hunting Handbook gets straight to the point with practical, usable information. You can read the whole text in an hour or so and start networking this afternoon.

Plus, only The Job Hunting Handbook includes the “U.S. Job Outlook for 160 of America’s Top Occupations.” The Outlook shows which jobs are in demand, which jobs are in decline, how much they pay, and the qualifications needed for each job.

Throughout The Job Hunting Handbook, you’ll learn how to outsmart your competitors and gain a competitive edge. You’ll learn how to position yourself as the solution to the hiring manager’s needs. When you become the solution, you aren’t just another job hunter, you are just what the hiring manager is looking for.

The Job Hunting Handbook

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