Recession Busting Job Tips: 3 Job Search Strategies For Today’s Economy

Are you concerned about making a career change in todays economy? Though I can’t look into the future to see what will happen, what I can do for you is share three tips that will increase your odds of getting the job you want.

Job Search Strategy #1: Go where the jobs are

It’s a wise move to read the executive job trend reports put out by my colleague, Mark Hovind, President of JobBait. I am a big fan of these monthly statistics that show you clearly what markets and states are still growing and hiring. In an uncertain economy, go where jobs are being created.

Another effective tip is to scan your local business journal, or set up a google news alert, to find industries that are growing. A few stable industries include education, healthcare and natural resources.

Job Search Strategy #2: Turn off the television

Seriously, turn it off! It’s completely negative and “all consuming.” It’s my personal opinion that mainstream media is anything but “fair and balanced.”

And don’t worry, you won’t lose touch. In fact, you will gain precious time in your day and you will be more at peace. You can focus on those things important in your immediate world.

Every day, through my sources, I am literally flooded with HUNDREDS of great job openings just from recruiters trying to find great talent (like you!) for their client companies. You won’t hear THAT on the evening news!

Job Search Strategy #3: Commit to at least 2 non traditional job search methods

Please allow me to just be blunt. Are you between 40 and 60 years old? Then you probably are most familiar and comfortable with traditional job search methods. You simply must take a little time to invest in learning about how you can find jobs that aren’t advertised.

It’s important because the techniques people use to find jobs that are not advertised decrease their competition by a MILE, improve their response rate TREMENDOUSLY (which does wonders for their confidence), and often results in more job interviews, bigger offers and a shorter job search. Y

You have much to gain and nothing to lose by learning these techniques. I promise you. Optimism and creativity in times like these is absolutely necessary to finding a job or making a career transition. Focus the same energy that you use to drive your career success into creative ways to land your next position and you will undoubtedly find the silver lining in the clouds of turbulent economic times.

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