Can I receive unemployment benefits if my husband takes a job out of state?

We live in Oregon and my husband was recently laid off. He has recently accepted a job in Napa, California. I work for a company that I plan on transfering with and have been there for many years, but it looks like it may take a few months for a position to open. Can I collect unemployment in California while I wait for an opening and or look for a job?

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6 Responses to “Can I receive unemployment benefits if my husband takes a job out of state?”

  1. suellenh says:

    You can collect unemployment only if you lose your job due to no fault of your own… quitting to move to another state wouldn’t qualify.

  2. mark says:

    Its a small consolation to know that state scroungers live in America as well as the UK!!
    Why should you get benefits? You gave up the job volountarily AND your husband has a job.
    Its precisely your ” I’m entitled ” attitude that has ruined the UK and, it would appear, your country as well.

  3. Michael from Kuwait says:

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  4. Squat1 says:

    If your spouse was the primary wage earner, in some states you would quality for unemployment due to your spouse being transferred.

    Since unemployment laws vary widely by states, check California’s law.

    You probably will be eligible.

  5. Cubs Girl says:

    You can collect unemployment for involuntary termination therefore you will not qualify for benefits.

  6. V.T.V.RAM says:

    You are eligible to collect unemployment ONLY if you’ve been laid off, fired, or had to quit because of a hostile work environment.
    Since your employer is a friend of your brother, please ask him to lay you off or fire you from the job.
    Once this is done, your plan can be fulfilled.
    Hence, you cannot receive unemployment benefits.