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Freelance Writing – an Excellent Career Opportunity

Freelance writing is a profession you can undertake from your home, your office – or indeed, from anywhere in the world. It may be a full time occupation, a part time hobby, a second job or a lucrative career for you. Whatever your reasons for looking at freelance writing as an opportunity, being a paid writer is a demanding role, but also a rewarding and fulfilling activity.

Many companies only employ graduates with at least a 2.1 degree in one of many subjects. Many freelance writers are professionals with experience and/or qualifications in teaching, lecturing, editing and marking. They may include lawyers and business consultants, as well as several well-respected authors who also contribute to popular journals.

If you have a degree at 2.1 standard or the equivalent, research skills, a good standard of writing and some time to spare, freelance writing could be for you.

The freelance writing process

As a writer for a freelance research company, you will usually receive regular emails with details of writing projects that customers need to be completed. You select which writing projects you are interested in, based on the details of the project, the fee and the due date. The research company then assigns the project to the most suitable writer.

Why be a freelance writer?

There are many benefits of being a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is completely flexible – work if and when you want

Freelance writing is one of the few jobs where you choose how much you work for

As a freelance writer, you’ll get to learn as you write – some research companies even pay extra for you to take on projects that are not within your specialism, to account for the additional work required in learning about that area of study.




You’ll gain knowledge and experience dealing with both simple and complex projects and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your well-researched, well-written work is helping to further the knowledge, understanding and advancement of both undergraduate and post-graduate academics, and other business professionals, worldwide.

How much money can I make as a freelance writer?

This really varies and depends on the company you work for.  A reputable company will pay pay an average of £40 per 1,000 words, increasing to £120 per 1,000 words for higher level work. The average freelance writing order is around 2,500-3,000 words. Most companies  undertake long and complex projects up to PhD standard, which can attract fees of up to £3,500 for completion.  The more established research houses will have an in house quality team who looks over your work and has the ability to award you a bonus on successful completion of a quality freelance project – some companies even offer customer bonuses and ‘requested expert’ bonuses. Of course, as you choose which projects you take, you also are able to set the amount of money you are prepared to work for.

A major research company recently reported that around half of their researchers undertaking writing jobs as a supplement to their existing income. According to their statistics, these writers earn on average £1,000 – £1,500 per month – increasing to around £2,500 per month during the busy months. Around 25% of their freelance writers undertake the occasional brief, earning around £250-£500 a month on average. The remaining 25% (approx) of writers undertake freelance writing as a full time career. These writers earn on average £3,000 – £4,000 per month – which increases to around £5,000 per month during the busy period. According to that company, these income figures are realistic and attainable – they state that 10 projects at £400 per project, each taking 3 days for completion, will result in a monthly income of £4,000 before bonuses. On these figures, freelance writing is a lucrative job and an excellent way to make money from your writing skills.

Are there other projects as well as freelance writing?

Yes! As well as writing jobs, some research houses offer a variety of projects, including presentations, programming work, mathematical work, technical writing, the production of reports, sample job application letters, the drafting of documents, creative writing projects, proofreading, editing and marking customers’ work, the production of academic resumes, web copywriting, brochure writing, graphic design, the production of revision notes for exams, and a whole host of other freelance projects.

Why you should become a freelance writer

As a freelance writer, you will join a global community of researchers, writers, lecturers and tutors – most of whom are professionals and graduates. It is an elite position to hold, and an enjoyable, rewarding opportunity.  If you’re an academic that would relish the chance to help others succeed, then freelance writing is probably for you. As a freelance researcher and writer, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects in many subject areas and disciplines. You decide when you want to work and how much work you want to take on. You also choose which projects you’re interested in, based on the nature of the project and the fee offered for completion.

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I am a F.ILEX (Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives) specialising in property law, civil litigation and company law.

I hold an LL.B with first class honours as well as qualifications in criminology and philosophy. I acquired over six years of experience working in private practice in the Midlands, dealing with both English and American law. Prior to qualifying as a Fellow, I worked in various positions and gained a variety of experience in different business sectors. I have also provided support as an Associate Lecturer on the Open University LL.B course. I now works for a private company in Nottinghamshire, although I still have a current practising certificate.

I have written over 130 research papers in various areas of law over the past three years. If you are looking for similar, well paid, freelance writing work (writer jobs), click here to apply.

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