Can I still collect unemployment if I quit my job?

My employer is cutting my position. He has offered me another job with the company but with a significant pay cut which I cannot afford to live on. Is this an exception to collecting unemployment if I refuse the lower paying job? I may have to move home with family and go back to school to improve job opportunities.

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9 Responses to “Can I still collect unemployment if I quit my job?”

  1. Chilly Willy says:

    Depending on the situation.If you quit without filing the proper complaint,to the right departments.including State ,Government and company headquarters.Then your not giving yourself the added incentive to collect umemployment.

  2. Jman says:

    no you cant collect if you quit

  3. katya says:

    I’m not convinced. Technically, you’re not quitting. Your position is being eliminated. You have the possibility of starting a new, different job. The proof-he would have to make you a new contract if it’s a new position!

    Try to contact local unemployment agency to find out more. DON’T say anything about quitting!

  4. smckech1972 says:

    Depends on your state, but in PA that can be grounds to leave. I’d probably ask to be laid off then. This will make your unemployment benefits easier to get. It gets sticky, but if you have a hearing, you may get through.

    Check with your local unemployment office or search forums.

  5. hrland says:

    Hi, I’m a human resources professional. Without knowing all the details, I believe that since your position is being eliminated you are eligibel for unemployment. You are not quitting just because you do not accept a completely different job with unequal pay. You should file for unemployment based on your job being eliminated. Unemployment does require you to look for work and be open to new jobs, it does not require you to accept a salary and position that would adversely effect you. Good Luck.

  6. Squat1 says:

    Depends entirely upon you local office, probably not but it doesn’t hurt to file.

  7. Judy says:

    You’d most likely be eligible, since the other position you’re being offered pays so much less. Talk to your local unemployment people.

  8. mailaccount63 says:

    If you QUIT, you cannot collect unemployment!

    Make your employer lay you off – THEN you can collect unemployment.

    The reason your employer has offered you another job that is lower-paying is to avoid paying for your unemployment.

  9. CatLaw says:

    The answer depends on the state laws for unemployment benefits. Generally a person cannot receive unemployment benefits if they quit, however, most states have exceptions to this law. If the pay offered is so much less that you cannot live on it, in most states that may come under the exception of the job offered is not suitable to the employee.

    The only way to know for sure is to file for unemployment. You should provide the unemployment office with any documentation you have regarding that your current job was eliminated, and why the amount of salary for the new job would make it impossible for you to accept it. For example you could provide a copy of mortgage/rent payment, utilities payment, etc. In order to show that you could not live at that salary.

    The employer may fight you getting unemployment benefits, so you may want to consult with a local employment attorney who has experience with unemployment appeals.