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Need help with a job search. What do you know about the casino resort New York, New York?

I am applying for a job as security at New York, New York, What things should I say or know when they ask me what I know about their company?

Advice on knowing how much they are paid per hour?
Helpful and positive answers would be great. Telling them their roller coaster sucks is a certain way not to impress them.

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4 Responses to “Need help with a job search. What do you know about the casino resort New York, New York?”

  1. highspeedkid says:

    Don’t sleep there. The roller coaster noise will keep you up.

  2. Michael M says:

    Security does not pay well. Maybe $14 on the high end.
    Just stress your customer service skills. And what ever you have in the police and protection field will be fine in your intereview.
    Unless you are going for a management job, your interview should not last more than 10 minutes.
    The they will drug test you and you know you are on the way to the final offer.

  3. Jay P says:

    I don’t expect it to be too difficult. Be sure to stress your customer oriented philosophy. Hotels are all about service and hospitality.

  4. Bruna says:

    It will probably be a short, un-detailed, interview. If asked be sure to mention your customer service skills (as said above). You probably won’t have to say anything specific about New York New York or MGM. Just let them know you’re dilligent you’ll be fine.

    As for what you’ll get paid per hour, I’d guess $12. I believe the Venetian pays $12 per hour for standard guards, so I’d expect NYNY to be around the same. Its hard to find wages online, however. $12 doesn’t sound like much, but in Las Vegas its not bad. There is no income tax in Vegas, and living expenses aren’t that bad yet.