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How to Get a Job in New York City, Relocating Jobs to New York

How to Get a Job in New York City, Relocating Jobs to New York, best places to look for a job in NYC, best places to look for a job in New York, New York City job search, relocating jobs to NYC
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5 Responses to “How to Get a Job in New York City, Relocating Jobs to New York”

  1. heavenlycharm86 says:

    how much disability do people get in new york?

  2. jphillysnack says:

    …post-grad i will be a transplant person not because t.v. persuaded me – understanding what a rude, coniving and unhappy dump your type of new yorker can be – but because i enjoy the city and look forward to the challenge of stabalizing myself in such a tough city while i have the energy. so next year, I’ll probably bump into on the street and make sure to take your job at the local video store. peace.

  3. jphillysnack says:

    jezuz u so angry. new york would be nothing without all the transplant people who – more than not – end up going back home broke after the town ate them alive without a refund. new york has always been a city of “transplant” people and maybe, just maybe, if all the yuppies who co-opted and over-developed the city would disuade breeding families who can afford to pop out three or four kin, maybe the streets wouldn’t be so clogged up…

  4. asponzilli says:

    so if your from illinios get a god damn job in chicago cause we’re all tired of u transplant people – u clog up our streets and take jobs from people from the new york area – go home already – stop watching all the tv shows about new york and think – am gonna come to new york and be somebody

  5. asponzilli says:

    so funny – from new york stop sending transplants to new york – tired of people from ohio, iowa, texas coming here – stay in your state make your city or your place better – i would never go to any place in the country to work expcept la so its sad to meet people from kansas in new york they have no family and think they are going to live the new york life – they watch to much tv cause the new york life is not some glamorous thing