How long will an average job search for a finance mngr position last?

My position as a Fin Mngr was eliminated in a reorganization. I am in CT and have an MBA from an Ivy League university. I got 4 mos of severane but was wondering how many months my search might tke.

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How do you do a job search without your current company knowing?

How do you provide references and take time off of work to attend interviews?
My current manager has no idea that I’m not happy with the position and that I am looking for another job. I really don’t want her knowing that I’m looking cause she might fire me if she found out. They did this to a guy who used to work there. What can I do?

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Are there any good websites for job search for convicted felons?

My brother just got out of state, and is eager to continue with his life. However, because he is a convicted felon, it will be hard for him to find a job. Are there any websites or programs that will help him find a decent job despite his record?

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How does the whole job search and interview thing work?

Like does someone just call you and tell you to come in so and so time? Or do they pre-screen you over the phone? How does this typically work? Specific details about what an applicant would have to go through from beginning when applying and from getting the response of whether they got the job would be great.

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What are some other good job search resources besides online job sites?

Job sites in my area have been low on job option listings. What other resources can I tap into? Thanks.

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What’s the best time to job search in a mall?

I’m going to be job searching for the first time this week at a very busy and popular mall. What’s the best time to go there? I don’t want to go when stores are just opening, when it’s busy, or when they’re closing. Also, how should I ask for an application? And what do I do after I get one?

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Were can i find a job search site that tells you the pay and requirements?

Im a student in year 10 and this would be helpful. where can i find a site or place that i can search up job and it will tell me how much the job pays and what is required?

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Should I get a second hole in each lobe while starting a job search?

I am a 38 year old woman and I really want to get a second hole in each lobe so I can wear cute little studs in the upper holes and something more dangly in the lower ones. However, I am starting a job search right now… do you think that (USA) employers would hold the extra holes in my lobes against me? Perhaps I should get the job first and the second holes? Or not? What do you think?

Thanks very much in advance!

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How to search for a job using the internet (particularly jobs for teenagers)?

I’ll be 16 in the next few months so I’m beginning to search for jobs in my area.
I’m not well versed in the job searching field and I’m hoping to find website suggestions.
Because I’m young I’d just like to find a simple job close to me.

Thanks :)

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What does “casual” mean on a job search mean?

I noticed that some of the online job searches that I go to ask if I want full time, part time, temp, or casual….what in the world is casual?

Please help…

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