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I’m unemployed. I got a contract job offer for 3 weeks – can I still collect unemployment after job is done?

I have been unemployed for several months and looking for a full-time position but unable to find any. Just got a call today from one of the companies that I intervewed at and they said they have a contract position for me for 3 weeks only. I want to take this but I’m worried what will happen after the 3 weeks is up – will I still be able to collect unemployment? Do I have to file again or soemthing???

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Are Cover Letters Still Significant?

A person looking for a job can now take advantage of applying for certain jobs simultaneously through the Internet. The use of online submissions of application letters has made applying for a job as easy as 123. However some job applicants have committed and are still committing a mortal sin in job applications.

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Can you be on unemployment and start a new job while still milking the unemployment for a couple weeks?

I got layed off in the fall and I am starting a new job in a week, But to be honest times are rough and it would be nice to still get a unemployment check or two while working to get a check as well. Is this possible without getting caught? I reside in Illinois by the way.
OK You guys are right, sorry for asking.

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Can I quit my part time job and still collect unemployment benefits?

I got a part-time job working 4-15 hours a week, but I want to quit because of the physical requirements. My unemployment starts up again this week and I would have to report 5 hours for the prior week to reduce the amount received from unemployment.

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How can I get out of my job and still receive unemployment?

I don’t like working here, and they don’t like having me work here, so I thought about asking my boss for an amicable split. I would stay as long as they needed to find somone, train them, leave quietly, in return for unemployment. I don’t care about the insurance, I hate it so much I just want OUT, but unfortunately finacially quitting is not an option. This job has affected my health to the point where I had to go one disability for 6 weeks less than a year ago,…


Can you quit your job and still draw unemployment?

Can you quit your job and still draw unemployment? Even if you reason for quitting was job instablity? Along with disagreeing with ethicle issues?

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Can you have a part time job and still collect unemployment?

My brother is unemployed. But if he takes a minor part time job it will pay much less than unemployment even. Can he have such a job and still collect unemployment until he gets a better paying or full time job? He’s in Missouri if that is of any consequence.

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Can I work a commision job and still collect unemployment?

I have been offered a sales job but they want me to work for commission only. I am on unemployment right now and I have never worked for straight commission…I am afraid with how the economy is right now and do not want to loose my unemployment? Any suggestions?

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What are the legitimate reasons to quit a job and still get unemployment?

My friend quit her job because of a hostile work environment and wants to file for unemployment while she looks for a new job. What does she have to prove to collect?

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laid off and collecting unemployment have a side job and want to know if I can still collect unemployment?

My husband has been laid off since May and has been collecting unemployment. He just got a side job for $3k to build a computer that will take one week. They will 1099 him at the end of the year. Does he need to report the one week of work and will they continue to pay him the following week of unemployment.

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