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Will using a MW template with color hurt my chances at getting a job?

I was looking at some really neat templates with color but is that professional I mean it’s just borders is that bad? Also there are some cover letters with color as well is that proffesional. Do you hire people with resumes that have color? What type of resume stands out in a good way. My resumes always look so boring to me I need help.

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Advantages Of Using A Professional Resume Writing Service

Your cover letter and resume is your poster child and the first impression on prospective employers. Starting from the cover letter, you need to convince the hiring manager that you are the right person for the open position and that you are really motivated to do exactly this job. You are not the only person sending application documents, most likely there are many resumes from your competitors the organization or company is going to receive. If you don’t write a cover letter and resume that stands out of the…


Job Search 2.0 Using Social Media of Find a Job: Cover Letter
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I am looking for job search sites online. I am currently using the following?

Monster, Hot Jobs, Job Planet, Craigslist,, & a few others. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go to look for job search sites online? I am NOT looking for work at home stuff nor am I looking for door to door sales crap or anything of that nature. IF you live outside of the USA please do not respond as it will not help me. I live in the Southern California area in San Diego.

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Resume Help: Will using an MS Word Resume Wizard Template hurt my chance of landing an interview?

I’ve read some tips on a few job board sites that using templates are not a good idea. From your experience…either job hunting or hiring people, is this true?

Should I spend another 5 hours re-formatting my resume?

FYI, this is for an administrative support position. Thanks in advance.

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I need to know how to find a job without using job search engines?

I graduated with my MBA in December and I also have a BS in Economics. I did not think I would have much trouble finding a job. I live in the Dallas area and have been trying to find a job using job search engines such as Monster, Career Builder, and Hot Jobs but four months later I am not having much luck. I went to school out of state and so the school’s resources are not of much use to me. With the internet and technology I feel as…


A Supported Employment Workbook: Using Individual Profiling and Job Matching

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Product Description
A practical tool for all job developers, this workbook presents strategies based on real situations and includes example exercises throughout. It draws on Steve Leach’s thirteen years’ practical experience in supported employment and is based on the principle of developing a client-centered approach to job development. It emphasizes the central importance of self-determination – ensuring that the individual makes their own choices to determine their future career.

This flexible guide shows ways in which…


How Using Alberta Job Banks Help You Find Alberta Government Jobs

Starting in government jobs can many times lead one to a full filling lifetime career. Alberta government careers are diversified, furthermore the chance may well occur for just about anybody. Even if it is an entry level placement or you are someone with appreciable knowledge seeking a job change, it is a good idea to keep your options open. With that in mind, the Alberta job bank can be a good place to start.

Here Is How Job Banks Work

You can access the Alberta job banks online and…


Maximize Your Job Search Using Facebook

Facebook is a leading social networking site. This video will show you how to maximize its potential when searching for a job.
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Are You Using linkedin for Your Job Search?

Recruiters are using linkedin to find you. Are you using linkedin to find them?
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