7 Old School Job Interview Tips That Still Work

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With all the hustle and bustle of the newest and latest job interview tips and secrets springing up every day (especially online), people can forget that sometimes, simpler is better. These concepts might be said and done, but these are the real essentials to acing any interview, ideals that are universally effective.

Mastering each one of these seven old school tips should provide all the job interview help you’ll need in order to seal the deal and get any job you desire…


If you get laid off from a job and collect unemployment, can you move to another state and still collect?

I work and live in California at a large well known insurance group, and word has it I may get laid off. I will be able to collect unemployment but was thinking of moving to Las Vegas where its cheaper to live. I can cut my rent more than half and probably wont need to find a job right away if Im collecting unemployment and my husbands job will be an easy transfer


Do i still qualify for unemployment if I was terminated from my job?

I was terminated from my job of 2 years, due to lack of performance. I am curious if i still qualify to apply for unemployment or not? I live in MD. PLease help!


If I take a small hourly job, can I still collect unemployment in Texas?

I was recently laid off in Texas. I did not apply for unemployment benefits at first, but I am ready to now. However, I am doing a small coaching job that pays less than half the hourly wage I was making at my full time job. Can I still collect unemployment? Is it more profitable to quit the coaching job so that I can collect unemployment?


How do you job search while you are still employed?

does that limit you to word of mouth and advertised positions where you can send out your resume?

What about cold calls? How do I make them as discreet as possible? Call during break time?

Any more tips? Thanks.

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In the state of connecticut are you allowed to collect unemployment and still work a part time job?

Any information would be helpful. I am taking a voluntary layoff in February to help my company save money. I work a part time job in Massachusetts where I live. Can I still work there as well as collect an unemployment check?

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Can I deduct job search expenses if I’m still working at my last/current Job?

I’m a VP for a design/manufacturing firm now, but I’ve been looking for a new job, in management in general. Does this qualify as a deduction on my tax return, since I’m not specifically searching only in the manufacturing industry?

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Can I still collect unemployment if I just got a part time job?

I was laid off from my full time job and qualified for unemployment. Now I just got a part time job, and it will more than likely lead into full time, and its for a wonderful company that Im sure will have allot of opportunities for me in the future. But I wont be able to get by on that job alone, and so I was wondering if now my unemployment checks will stop?
No more replies are needed as I have contacted the agency and have gotten the…


Was on unemployment, got a job but really don’t like it. Can I still get my unemployment back?

In the state of California I was getting unemployment, I found a job (There for no more unemployment) been working for awhile and I’m still on probation for the job but I found that this job is REALLY REALLY not for me. Question: If I where to get fired or quit will I still be able to qualify for my unemployment back since I’m in the probation period?

Thanks for your time.

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Can I still collect unemployment if I quit my job?

My employer is cutting my position. He has offered me another job with the company but with a significant pay cut which I cannot afford to live on. Is this an exception to collecting unemployment if I refuse the lower paying job? I may have to move home with family and go back to school to improve job opportunities.

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