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I’m interested in having a job/career where i get to help people all over the world.?

I don’t care if i have to stay in a foreign country for years and the pay doesnt have to be that great, Something like missionary work, sorta but i dont want to be teaching religion.

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Do you know of any nonprofit/social service job/career openings in Dayton, OH or surrounding areas?

I am willing to travel as far south as Cincy and as far north as Troy. Xenia or Springfield is cool too. I don’t have a bachelors yet, but I’m one year away from it. I prefer women’s issues or social services but I’m open to political (liberal) positions too. My background is in women’s studies and psychology and I have experience in chemical dependency and food service. I have my own transportation and my school schedule is flexible. I’m active in women’s issues and I hold leadership positions with…


How can someone figure out what job/career they would enjoy or be good at?

I’m not sure what to pursue in life. Is there any survey or questionnaire I can take to help me out. I just want to find out what job I would enjoy doing for 30 years. Can anyone please help me or guide me to the right path? if possible a free website I can check out.

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What job/career should I pick??10 POINTS?

I want something that pays extremely well.
How did you choose yours??
Any help is apricated.
I will pick best anwser to most helpful :D
I would never go into the army.
sarahtrent1991 thanx for the links :D
Stripper… XD
I would rather marry a doctor than be
one lol
I will probaly just be a nurse like everyone else..
I do speak German too!
and im working on my spanish

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What are some good job/career websites that could help me find a job in IT mgmt?

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Im trying to find a website that list job/career fairs in the So Cal area (inland empire and LA County)?

Im trying to become a crane operator. I have My CCO and my Class A permit. If anyone has ideas please help.

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What is your dream job/career and why?

My dream job is to become a mental health care profession in psychology because I know what it feels like to have a mental illness and how people treat others I have depression and once I get things under control I truly want to help others because my heart and what I am going through I would use as a tool to help others.

I was always passionate about others and helping others in any way I can. I decade my whole life in helping others.

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Please help me identify the risks in a job/career?

(samples are getting to old or not knowing technology.)

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What is the right job/career for me?

I have loads of trouble trying to find the right job for me. I’m 15, so its time to start thinking about what I am going to do. This may sound stupid, but I would like a job that would help you if you were stuck in the middle of a forest with absolutely nothing. I am interested in computers a bit, but if I was stuck in the middle of a forest, how the hell is that going to help me!!!
Anyone think of anything?



FOR THE LADIES: Would you quit your job/career if a man told you that he want to take care of you?

I personally wouldn’t, I like the feeling of making my own money and if something should bad should happen I would know that I could help myself out in a time of need.

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