5 Job Tips For Introverts in the Workplace

Being an introvert does not need to be a negative trait in the workplace. Just as an extrovert has specific talents, introverts do as well. One issue that introverts face is that extroverts make themselves seen and heard typically more often than do introverts. The key for introverts in the job place is to get yourself seen and heard, as well as express your talents to management. There are five job tips for introverts in the workplace that can help introverts succeed in doing so.

Make Yourself Heard

Meetings and…


How to Choose Who to List as a Reference on Your Resume

References are essential when applying for a new career. However, you may find yourself wondering who would make a good reference. Whether you’ve just graduated or have been working as a professional for a couple decades, it’s important to know who will make the best references. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose who to list as a reference on your resume.

Select a Professional

Your resume is your only chance to wow a potential employer. Think of your resume as the first impression the employer will get.…


Newly Licensed Nurses Have a Tough Time Finding Employment

Many California nurses (who had graduated with the proper accreditations to work as licensed nurses) in the last 18 months claimed they had not been able to find their first job. This information is based on a 4th quarter 2011 study carried out by the California Institute for Nursing & Health Care (CINHC).

Recently graduated RNs (registered nurses) looking for work continues to plague the job market. After many years investing in developing the labor force and expanding academic training nationwide, the economic crisis still affects employment and…


How to Open a Successful eBay Store

EBay is an excellent source of income for millions of people, but how do stand out among millions of sellers? This can be extremely difficult, but there are ways to ensure that your shop is appealing to buyers. Whether that means taking excellent pictures or offering discounts, you can create a great store. Here are just a few tips on how to open a successful eBay store.

Take Excellent Pictures

Pictures really are worth a 1,000 words. Great pictures entice buyers to purchase products. In fact, many buyers will skip…


Top 5 Ways to Clean up Your Digital Dirt and Land that Dream Job

Employers are now checking social media accounts before hiring people. With a quick search on recruiter positions, you’ll see one of the job requirements is familiarity with social media so the recruiter can scan a candidate’s profile before offering them a position.

If you have a social media presence on the Web then consider cleaning up your profile before you go looking for that new job.

Here are the top tips you’ll need to get that profile of yours in tip-top shape.

1. Visit Google and type in your name…


Getting Yourself Noticed, and Better Yet Employed – Writing a Great CV

Esther Gons; a visual resume

Writing a CV is something that no one likes doing. Naturally we are brought up to be modest and to be meek and not to brag about our selling points, but of course when it comes to writing a CV we’re called upon to do exactly those things. At the same time it also mean remembering lots of dry facts about jobs you probably never liked and stressing about gaps when you weren’t doing anything.

There is an art to writing a good CV though, and if you recognize…


Should You Include your Online and Tech Hobbies on your CV?

Drafting, updating and re-drafting your curriculum vitae is a process. It’s a process you will spend many hours on over the course of your life. It will also materially impact your career. These are all reasons why it is important you get the best out of it and make yourself shine.

At the same time, however, a CV has to be concise, with no more than two A4 pages as the general rule of thumb. With these two opposing requirements in mind, what place, if any, should your online and…


Support Your Family and Your Job Search

While you are searching for the job you deserve, use the time to become an expert domestic money manager.  Your unemployment benefits should last you at least 26 weeks, paying approximately 60 percent of your most recent salary. Prepare an accurate, up-to-date family budget, putting it all on paper in bold colors. Then, carefully, cold-heartedly sort essential expenses from discretionary spending, cutting extravagances, luxuries and indulgences. When you feel confident you have eliminated every needless expense, then work the following steps to effectively manage your finances while job searching.



How to Get Into a Digital Agency

Interesting, challenging and creative jobs may seem hard to come by these days. Horror stories in the media about rising unemployment levels, coupled with the fact that the vast majority of the population are looking at years of debt if they even consider going to university, makes it seem pretty daunting for young people trying to get a foot in the door somewhere.

Yet there is an area of business that allows people to use their education alongside personally gained skills to do something they enjoy, can feel good about…


Getting Ready for Your Most Important Job Interview

No matter what you have on your resume, the thing that really determines whether or not you get the job is your interview. When you have an important interview coming up – the interview that could potentially make your career – you’re going to be nervous, and you need to be prepared. Here’s how you can get ready for the job interview of your career.

Familiarize Yourself with the Employer

You absolutely must learn everything you can about your potential employer before going into the interview room. If you really…


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