Top 20 Growing Top Level Positions Occupied By Women

Women contribute to half of the work force but have been largely concentrated into lower-paying service jobs such as retail workers, waitresses, and administrative assistants. Well move over boys- because that’s about to change. More and more women are beginning to pour into jobs requiring higher education status, more pay, and more status in general…and dominating.

According to the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau, women are beginning to actually outnumber men in jobs like finance, medical management, and business operations. Whoever said women are the weaker sex are about to…


A Career as a Family Social Worker

Duties & Responsibilities:

Family social workers have many duties and responsibilities that all include helping children and families to be properly functional. Often times, they are assigned to families that are having issues with substance abuse, addiction, violence, medical issues, or unstable and unsafe environments.

They provide families and children with the necessary resources to receive therapy and counseling. They also provide resources for rehabilitation centers to the parent, or parents, that have problems with substance abuse or addiction.

There are also some families that are dealing with domestic violence…


Overcome Common Office Problems in a Few Easy Steps

No workplace is perfect, and however well you organise your office, you might still encounter a few stumbling blocks. Sometimes, things that begin as small issues can escalate, which is why it is important to take positive action to resolve any problems before they begin to affect your workplace, and your team. Whatever the problem, there is sure to be a solution. To help you to address a few of the more common issues which can arise within an office, take a look at the following advice which, when put…


Do You Like Helping People? Consider a Degree in the Home Health Industry

Would you like a chance to work in the healthcare industry, by working as a certified nursing assistant? With the babyboomer generation getting older, more people are going to be in need of home health care. Home health aide positions are in constant demand, and are an excellent gateway to other positions in the healthcare field.

Not Just a Job … It’s a Rewarding Career

When working as a home health aide or certified nursing assistant, you make a difference in someone’s life. You’re helping families take care of their…


How the Digital Revolution May Affect Your Career

Technology in the workplace is changing the way we conduct business. This is particularly true in the areas of legal services and healthcare. Both industries rely heavily on digital documents that can be accessed from anywhere and easily shared.

Today, many technical or vocational schools are preparing students for a vastly different type of career, one heavily involved with technology. For instance, some of the largest companies in the United States are moving toward cloud computing, allowing them to store and share valuable company information online. Increased telecommunication, like email…


Career Options in Civil Engineering

From the Egyptian pyramids to the 2,700 foot Burj Khalifa—the world’s tallest building—civil engineering has played a defining role in shaping our modern world. Despite being the oldest of all engineering professions, civil engineers will play a greater role than ever in the evolution of society in the 21st century. The technological revolution, the increase in worldwide population and the increasing concern for the environment are not only challenges facing the civil engineer, they are factors driving the expansion of the profession and its function in the modern world.



The Many Faces of You (Or, Reinventing Yourself Over Again)

College is the best opportunity to give yourself a new start.  Whether you’ve always been the goody-goody, the idiot jock, or simply gotten yourself a reputation as the kid who ate roadkill, there are sure to be aspects of your personality that you would really like to leave behind.  You aren’t that person anymore, and you want a chance to start over.  In college, you get that chance.  You can start over, making new first impressions and erasing that past self forever.

However, the last thing you want to do…


A Big Decision: How To Choose Your Career

Graduating from university is an exciting time. For those that have chosen their career, the prospect of what can be achieved will be a huge motivation in the search for jobs. However, for students that have not decided where their career path lies, the excitement of graduation can be combined with feelings of anxiety.

Choosing the Right Career

There are a number of activities which students can perform to determine what type of job they would enjoy. Writing a series of lists can be very helpful. It is a good…


Using Social Networking In Your Job Search

Social networking websites are considered to build very powerful networks. The networks may only not be exploited for creating friendships or romantic relationships, but they may be used for accessing job opportunities as well. To use social network websites for your job search, you will first have to build a profile on either one of the social sites, then show your interest in obtaining that particular position, and then start building your social network for finding any available opportunities.

1. Try to create a professional-looking profile on one or more…


Getting A Job Working with Animals

They say never work with children or animals, and they’re half right. Children, after all, are terrible. But so many animals are great fun to work with, and many of them are preferable to working with people.

So if you prefer your colleagues to be more furry, or indeed feathery, or scaly, here are a few ideas.

Zoo Keeper

A Mother's Love

This is a perfect job for the animal lover, allowing you to working with a positive ark’s-worth of wild animals. The UK is home to around 50 different zoos and…


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