7 Things Not to Do During Your Next Job Interview

Many jobseekers have ruined their chance at finding work by failing in the job interview. Sometimes, they might not even have known what they did wrong to ruin their chances with a potential employer. Here are some tips to make sure that you do not cause yourself to lose out on a job because you did something wrong during the job interview:

Do not show up late – or too early

If you cannot make it on time to a job interview, an employer may wonder about your changes at…


How to Ace Your Accounting Job Interview

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, job interviews can be intimidating. Accounting has always been a highly competitive field to get into, and landing the right job can be difficult. In this society, making that first impression is so unbelievably important, and with so many applicants and job seekers in today’s market, standing out is the key to getting hired. Here are just a few suggestions I have gathered for making the right impression and acing that important accounting job interview.

Get the Right Outlook and Attitude

Before you do…


Making a Good Interview Impression

Congratulations, you have made the leap from applicant to interviewee. Now that you have made a great impression on paper, how do you ensure that you translate that in person, and secure an offer? The job interview can be one of the more stressful aspects of the job-seeking process, but you can handle it with ease by following these simple guidelines:


  • Anticipate the interview questions and come up with solid, concise answers that are geared toward the company’s needs and the job description
  • Research the company


Eight Things Not to Do in a Job Interview

James, I think your cover's blown!

Job interviews, nobody enjoys them but just about everyone has to take them if they want to have a successful career. Although you don’t need to be an expert, and you certainly don’t need to be an extrovert, there are a few things that you need to avoid doing if you ever want to land a job.

Despite the amount of online literature regarding successful interview techniques, many people continue to make the exact same mistakes year in, year out. Should you have an interview coming up in the…


How To Ace Your Nanny Interview

So, you want to be a nanny. You’ve got the qualifications, the nice shoes and the Mary Poppins countenance down, all you need to do is ace the interview. As a childcare professional, I’ve experienced a great number of this time of meeting and they all follow much the same pattern. If you follow this simple checklist, you can ensure that you’ll be prepared and ready to wow those parents into hiring you on the spot.

  • References are key

    Don’t underestimate the importance of references in this most trusted


How to Prepare a Killer Job Interview

In a killer recession you need to make sure you’re prepared for a killer interview when you’re looking for the perfect position. Don’t leave anything to chance; you have to make sure that you’re the candidate that appears at the very top of the list.

Top Ten Practical Interview Strategies For Job Seekers

1. Educate yourself about the company that is interviewing you. Research is key to performing well in a job interview. The more you know about the company and what they do, the better prepared you’ll be to…


Getting Ready for Your Most Important Job Interview

No matter what you have on your resume, the thing that really determines whether or not you get the job is your interview. When you have an important interview coming up – the interview that could potentially make your career – you’re going to be nervous, and you need to be prepared. Here’s how you can get ready for the job interview of your career.

Familiarize Yourself with the Employer

You absolutely must learn everything you can about your potential employer before going into the interview room. If you really…


Extreme Job Interviewing Techniques

Recently there has been a rise in the use of what is becoming known as ‘extreme interviewing’ for the purposes of appointing applicants to jobs. Questions including  “name 5 uses for a stapler without the staples” are being utilised to separate the wheat from the chaff in the recruitment industry.

Looking for something a bit different…

The objective here seems not to be to confuse and confound the job applicant but to uncover their ability to think creatively when put on the spot. A fast, intelligent response to an unusual…


Preparing for an interview at a not for profit or charitable organization

Obtaining a position at a not for profit or charitable organization can be tough. With an abundance of applicants, all applying for the same highly sort after charity jobs, the interview process needs to be tough. As with any position, it’s beneficial to spend some time preparing for the interview. When preparing for the interview, it’s a good idea to check out the organization’s web site to gain knowledge about the organization, and to see what the job requirements are allowing the candidate to prepare for potential questions that may…


Mistakes to Avoid in an Online Job Interview

Convenience of Online Job Interviews

Job interviews tend to be at least a little bit stressful for anyone. And while some might think that having the luxury of doing an online job interview instead of one in person would ease some of the stress a little bit, the truth is that there are still many things that can go wrong in an online job interview setting. And while it may make the interviewee feel a little bit more relaxed to be able to attend an interview from the comfort and…


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