Employers are now checking social media accounts before hiring people. With a quick search on recruiter positions, you’ll see one of the job requirements is familiarity with social media so the recruiter can scan a candidate’s profile before offering them a position.

If you have a social media presence on the Web then consider cleaning up your profile before you go looking for that new job.

Here are the top tips you’ll need to get that profile of yours in tip-top shape.

1. Visit Google and type in your name in the search box. If you don’t see any results come up for you then try different variations. Use your name with your current city, or your name with your hometown. If you still come up with no results, try using your name with previous jobs you have listed on your resume. Or use your name and the high school or college you attended. If you match your name with facts on your resume, you should be able to see your social media profiles come up on the first few pages of the search. Remember, this is what your potential new employer will do so you need to be ahead of the game. Once you find your name, read the description underneath it and then click on the link.

2. Remove any negative information. Remember that old saying about first impressions? Well this is your first impression to your new employer or that recruiter that holds the key to your future. If your page loads with pictures of you partying or using profanity, then you can bet the chances of landing that new job have just been crushed. Remove anything that shows you like to party, drink alcohol, are a reckless driver, spend your days lounging on the beach, or are looking for a job just to pay the bills while you pursue your dream job of being a famous actor or reality star. This is all damaging evidence that you may not be the right fit.

3. Clean up your friend’s list. Unfortunately you may have to say goodbye to some friends if they like to post inappropriate content on your page. Explain to them that this is because you are trying to get a job and not to take is personally. Or ask them to stop with the bad comments and only comment if they have something nice to say.

4. Change the background or banner. If your page’s background or banner is unprofessional, such as a photo of a wild and crazy pool party, then remove it. Add a plain background or a simple photo of your favorite sports team or just a nice travel shot of a lake or mountain.

5. Tweak your bio. If you’re applying for a sales position, write in your bio how you have a passion for sales. Show your enthusiasm for your new job and it will shine through.

Perform these steps a few weeks before you send out that resume because it can take a while for the changes to show in the search results. Give the search engines time to remove any bad behavior that you don’t want prying eyes to see. Keep your online presence professional and you’ll land that dream job in no time.

About the author: Amy Johnson is the Content and Social Media Manager at Jobathon.com. When not spreading the good news about employment opportunities, she plans road trips, reads reviews on the latest smartphone release, and contributes her writing skills to blogs and outlets around the web.


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