EBay is an excellent source of income for millions of people, but how do stand out among millions of sellers? This can be extremely difficult, but there are ways to ensure that your shop is appealing to buyers. Whether that means taking excellent pictures or offering discounts, you can create a great store. Here are just a few tips on how to open a successful eBay store.

Take Excellent Pictures

Pictures really are worth a 1,000 words. Great pictures entice buyers to purchase products. In fact, many buyers will skip over listings that don’t offer pictures. You also want to avoid media images of the items you’re selling because the buyer will want to see what condition the item is in. A 14MP digital camera, or better, that has auto settings, will help you take great photos of your items. If the item is a top dollar item, make sure to take as many pictures as possible.

Write Thorough Descriptions

People want a good description of an item. You need to tell them what the item does, what color it is, what condition it’s in, etc. Be as thorough as possible. It is not enough to write, green hamster cage. You need to state the dimensions, features, etc.

Properly Organize Your Store

Nothing is worse than going to an eBay seller’s store and storing through thousands of listings that haven’t been categorized. For example, those with thousands of video games to sell might list them all under video games, but that makes it difficult to sort through. You need to break massive listings down into categories so that buyers can easily find what they want.

Consider Shipping Costs When Listing Items with Free Shipping

If you want to attract buyers, you need to offer free shipping. However, this is one area you can really get burned on. You need to make sure that you take the cost of shipping into account when choosing a Buy It Now price. Otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money.

Offer Discounts on Multiple Purchases

Last, but not least, buyers love discounts almost as much as free shipping. As a store owner, you can offer a discount when buyers purchase more than one item. State in your descriptions, and store information, that the buyer must wait for an invoice to get the discount. A 10-15% discount will really help items fly off your virtual shelves.

EBay is a wonderful place to sell your items and having a store allows you to easily sell hundreds of items. If you’re willing to offer free shipping and discounts, you may see your sales rack up quickly.

About the Author: Jackson Sugalski opened an eBay store about a year ago and enjoys sharing some of the items he finds at estate sales with collectors. He was able to get some eBay financing to increase his inventory and has grown his sales by over 30%!


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