7 Best iPhone Apps for Job Hunters

Looking for a job can be quite an issue. It gets quite tedious to keep posting resumes and CVs to companies which don’t look at them and call-back.

But if you own an iPhone, then this should be the end of all your worries; for every cloud has a silver lining and you just found yours. Take out your beloved iPhone and start tapping! Here is a list of the top 7 Apps that you must have if you are looking for a job:

1. LinkedIn – The best in…


The Right CV for the Right Marketing Job

It might go without saying but given that your CV is often the first contact you have with an employer, it’s vital that it gives the best first impression of you. You have a very small opportunity of making a lasting impression to a potential interviewer and with more people than ever now applying for jobs, you need to stand out from the crowd if you’re going to win the marketing job of your dreams.

The Tone

Many CV’s from even the most highly qualified and suitable of applicants are…


Don’t Let Your Boss Pick On You

Thought bullying was something that only children faced on the school playground? Believe it or not, a large percentage of adult Americans suffer emotionally, physically and mentally at the hands of those they work for. In a study released by the Workplace Bullying Institute, more than 35% of all employees in the United States have been exposed to some form of bullying.

Here, we address some common questions about bullying in a work environment:

What exactly is “workplace bullying”?

Workplace bullying occurs when a boss tactfully humiliates an employee. A…


How to Write the Perfect CV

There is no getting away from it; your CV is the most important document you will need to if you want your career to flourish.
It’s your foot in the door; your advertisement to the world, justifying why a hiring manager should give up an hour of their time to meet you.

The problem facing many candidates in this brave new world of online recruitment, job boards and social networks is how to stand out from the crowd.

For years we have been told that our CVs have to…


Chasing Your Dream Career

They say that if you can find a job that you enjoy then you will never work a day in your life, and actually this is very close to true – as if you really enjoy what you’re doing it’s quite hard to genuinely think of it as working.

In order to find a job that really doesn’t feel like work, you need to find a career that is something you really want to succeed in and do well in. This means picking a job that you really care about…


Pros and Cons of Social Media Job Searching

A lot of job seekers today are using social media to help in their search. But have you ever considered the pros and cons of social media job searching?

While it’s true that the pros outweigh the cons in most situations, it’s still important to look at both sides and decide whether or not you should be using social media as a job searching tool. At the very least, considering the points below will help you avoid potential pitfalls while job searching on social media sites.

Pros of social media…


Key Points on Writing Your Resume for a Job

Writing a resume is a frequent topic that intimidates lots of people. Possibly it’s the very concept of writing correctly which has job-seekers bewildered and frustrated. It really isn’t as hard as everyone makes it seem. Just think of a resume as a 1-page letter describing your experience, abilities, schooling, and job history–all of this information is what you already know and you just have to beat it out of yourself. :)

The difficult that you probably face is identifying the correct format of a resume for a particular job.…


Six Steps to a Career in Real Estate

To be a real estate agent, you’ll need to further your education, pass exams at the state and national levels, and find a brokerage which will help you retain clients. That’s not all there is to the process; this guide lists some parts of the real estate industry which tend to be overlooked.

Get your education. Regardless of where you live, you’ll need to take a pre-licensing course. Requirements are different from one state to another; states like California require college-level work, while others require a minimum number of hours of…


Seeking Employment in Australia

At the moment, Australia is experiencing major skills shortages, especially in the resources and healthcare sectors. If you have the right skill set and are suitably qualified, why not consider seeking employment in Australia? It has a high standard of living, and a number of its cities were voted ‘most livable’ in the world last year (The Economist 2011). However, before launching a job search, some forward planning and flexibility are needed. Here are five steps to assist you.

Step 1: Do you qualify?

The Australian government has pre-determined which…


Top 5 Tips for Recruiting a New Employee

When running a business, one of the most valuable assets that you have are the people that you employ. Regardless of how good of a business plan you have, it will not be put into effect unless you have the right people working for you. Because of this, recruiting the right employees is one of the most important steps in the process of becoming successful. If you are struggling to recruit good employees, here are a few tips for you to consider.

Tip 1: Get Your House in Order



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