Featured Monster.com Success Story — Dan Blasini

Following my service in the Army, I was looking for a position to help the many injured soldiers coming back from war. I posted my resume on Monster.com and it changed my life. Thanks to Monster.com, my life and my passion is having a positive outcome for so many people suffering from amputation loss. I love what I do and Monster.com gave me the tools to help me do what I love: helping others! If you found a job on monster.com, help other job seekers…


How to Have Success in Job Searching

Job searching is not high on the list of pleasurable activities, but everyone has to do it. The undertaking of finding a job requires learning certain job-search skills and fine-tuning them to a high level.

First, you start with the all-important self-assessment:
a. What type of job are you looking for?
b. What do you have to offer the company?
Unless you know, you might not get what you want.

You also need to know the fundamentals of searching and acquiring the job you want. You will need to…


Job Search – Use a System to Deliver Rapid Success

Most people approach searching for a new job in an ad hoc manner and consequently the results they achieve are hit and miss. Searching for the right job and ensuring that you are successful in acquiring it requires a systematic approach that gives you a better than even chance of winning.

Once you have identified a job that you are interested in there are a dozen questions that you must be able to answer before you consider writing your Resume/CV, job application and cover letter. They all revolve around…


Workplace Skills – Prepare Students for Success

Workplace skills provides job seeking and job retention skills. The classes focus on practical skills, such as resume preparation, job application completion, and interviewing skills.
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10 Proven Tips for Your Medical Sales Job Search Success

Your job search is one of the most significant tasks you’ll ever have.  What job you end up with determines how you’ll spend the majority of hours in your day, how much money you’ll have, and how satisfied you are with your life.  It’s worth making the effort to end up where you’ll be happy.  Whether you’re currently employed or not, here’s how to put everything you’ve got into your job search–and it will bring you great results, whether you’re in laboratory sales, medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, or…


4 Powerful Career Education Tips: Success Is In Your Attitude!

Depressed about your work? Feeling dispirited? A savvy career education review may tell you it’s not your job.

Career education wisdom says, “You have to choose to do the best you can with what you have where you are.” So, short of finding another job, what can you do?

Here are some tips that can help you see work in a new light and spice up a dull job.

1. Start to see the big picture. Lots of people are ready to tell us what we should be.…


Career Success Coach Lori Davila

Named by WE Magazine as a top woman blogger to watch for, Lori Davila is an author and top US career and success expert. She brings a results-oriented, practical, and spiritual approach to supercharge career transitions and income through her resume writing, books, e-programs, speeches, success group and individual coaching, workshops, and retreats. She helps people with out-of-the-box strategies that attract loads of exciting career opportunities in any economy. She is a certified leader in Laughter Yoga.
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776 Success comes from those who dare to fashion the world in their own image. Part 3

www.OnlineSecrets.ws 776 Success comes from those who dare to fashion the world in their own image. Part 3 Do visit the following websites for a complete online business opportunities, products and services Part 1 : www.youtube.com Part 2 : www.youtube.com Part 3 : www.youtube.com GDI : www.OnlineSecrets.ws NCPS www.no-cost-people-search.com APS www.OnlineGuru.ws boyfriend gift ideas where did strawberry shortcake originate from for sale the 4 p”s of marketing home made wind mill earth from space printable board games internet fraud scary ouija board stories…


Inspiration Part 3a – Meditation B – Visualisation for Success Health Career Life Goals, Everything

This is the first of a two part Video (3a and 3b). This, and the second part together, form the second in my overall series focusing on different forms of Meditation (see the first in the series entitled “Inspiration Part 2 Meditation Part A – Completely Clearing Your Mind Every Day For A Fresh Start”). In these two Videos, I begin to explore the reasons and methods you can use to Visualize who you want to be and to Visualise the exact outcomes…


Resume Writing Tips for Success

When looking for a new job – most people know that the first step is to create a resume. Your resume should detail your employment history, your education and experience at the very least. But, there are some other elements to consider so that your resume will get noticed from among the hundreds or even thousands of others. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of creating a resume that reads like a laundry list of job duties.

Three Things Your Resume Needs To Get Noticed
* Profile or Summary of…


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