3 Methods for Finding a Job Through Temp Agencies

Is the weakness of your local economy making it hard to find a job? Perhaps there are some jobs available in your area, but none of them draw on your special training or the specific degree you have. If it is hard to find something career-wise that fits your needs, consider trying a temporary job agency for assistance. These agencies provide workforce management solutions for both employers looking to fill vacant positions, and would-be employees seeking work. Temp agencies have lots of different kinds of jobs available, so there is…


Applicant Tracking: What’s Good and What Needs Improvement?

Most companies today are using some type of applicant tracking technology to make the recruiting process easier. As with most technologies, however, companies have some things they really like about ATS and others that they wish would be better.

A survey from Batrus Hollwegg International unveiled exactly what it is that companies like and what they wish would be different. The answers aren’t all that surprising, with ease of use and general intuitiveness at the top of the list for most involved.

The survey asked HR leaders in the hospitality,…


3 Top High Paying Business Jobs

Chief Executive Office:

The chief executive officer, also known as the CEO, is the person responsible for overseeing the company’s, corporation’s, organization’s or agency’s operations. Many people believe that the CEO is the owner of the business; however, often times, the CEO reports to a board of directors, which is ultimately the CEO’s boss.

Depending on the size of the business, the CEO may have several responsibilities, or a limited amount of responsibilities. The main responsibilities of the chief executive officer are to monitor and manage employees, and be the…


Working Abroad For Charity

We all want to do some good in this world, leave it at least a little bit better off than we found it, and, ideally, it would be nice if we could do that while exploring the far-flung corners of the globe. Of course, there’s the problem. We all want to do it, but very few people even know where to start looking for international charity jobs, let alone whether we’ll fit the criteria to take them.

Fortunately, here are a few tips to get you started.

Are You Up


Career Advice – Making the Best First Impression

First impressions last in pretty much all aspects of life, but it’s perhaps most relevant to a long term commitment such as a career. Career advice on making that good first impression could be the spark the lights years of success in the workplace, but the trick is a first impression only happens once for obvious reasons. Let’s go over some career advice and guidance in order to prepare ourselves for that magical moment where our climb to the top begins.

Smile Awhile

Career advice is as free as a…


Resume Writing: How to Create a Solid Resume

Having a good and solid resume can effectively influence and increase your chances to get that dream job. One thing is certain, your resume should sell your qualifications and strengths. Also it should be well organized, have full contact information and list relevant achievements and experience. A strong resume should be written in appropriate format, carefully planned and designed to show your qualifications and accomplishments. In a word, your resume should grab the attention of your employer to invite you for an interview.

Take a time to write your resume…


Guide for Becoming a Locksmith

A locksmith is a person trained to master and defeat locks. They perform a wide variety of duties, which range from installing master locks, adding new locks to a home, unlocking locks on homes, replacing lost keys, unlocking vehicles, making duplicate keys and more. Many locksmiths are also able to install home and business security systems and other security features, dependent upon the training that is received.

For those that share a passion of locks, becoming a locksmith is a rather simple process. It doesn’t take year upon year of…


How Technology has Changed the Job Market for Ever

In the bad old days of the not too distant past, trying to find a job was a time-consuming process that often required plenty of travelling and an awful lot of hanging around. These days, the effects of the economic recession have made vacancies relatively scarce, but at least the search isn’t as frustrating and infuriating as it used to be.

At one time, finding suitable vacancies involved either the local newspaper or several visits to all the nearby recruitment agencies. These trips were often something of a wild goose…


Four Ways To Avoid Getting A Job

1. Playing the Waiting Game

Unless you have lots of experience in a high demand industry, unfortunately the chances of you being offered a job out of the blue are unfortunately pretty slim. That’s why you need to be proactive. Start by finding out as much as you can about your chosen industry, and talking to as many people as you can find that involved in it. 

2. Begging

However, don’t start out telling people you need a job. It’s part of the whole dating cliché about…


How To Retrain In IT Support

Repeat after me: “…just turn it off and on again.” Then try: “…press Ctrl, Alt, Delete.”

Some will try and tell you that all you need to know is those two phrases in order to get a job in IT support, but there is a little more to it than that.

Get Experience of Course

To begin with you need to have a base knowledge of computers. Some people tend to be the one that others turn to in a workplace when computers do something unexpected. Maybe you’re one of…


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