Part Time Jobs You Can Do Using a Computer and the Internet

laptop-mouseThere are many part time jobs available in the internet that suits your skills.

Sales promoters : pick those you can select the number of hours you wish to work and the shift suitable for you and surprisingly you can earn much in a few hours
Online Survey:  look for  Google Ads and sites that have a good record and other reputable sources to help you.
Donors: some hospitals pay for blood and plasma donation hence you should research the one’s closest to you and need the service.
Online marketers : the advantage of this part time job is you can work from anywhere so long as you have a computer or a laptop with internet connection.
Writer: many of the freelance jobs are related to writing e.g. SEO articles, writing blogs, online magazines etc. one can also create his or her own e-book and sell it on the internet and still make some income.
Web Designer: if you have knowledge in computer and software and you are also good in creativity, this can lead you to being a web designer and start helping people who want to start their own website. One can also concentrate web-related jobs such as web development, server administration, content management and web maintenance.
Research Study Assistance: mostly these kind jobs involve post graduate students who hire people to organize their documents, type or read some materials and make notes for them and still people can participate in programs organized by the research center.
Desktop researcher: this is completing assignments which involve word processing  which include page layouts, charts and computer graphics utilizing desktop publishing equipment and integrated software packages. This requires a degree holder and experience  in a related area.
Medical biller: insurance companies and the government spend time and money researching and controlling claims fraud, abusive practices and medical necessity issues, hence the insurance company, doctors, hospitals hire people to do the work for them.
Scheduler: the work of a scheduler is to handle client calendar and update appointments as needed. This job is flexible and help people to show their organizational skills.
Tutoring jobs: this involves companies that provide learning to students engaged in a wide variety of topics.
Survey-taking: in these,  individuals complete online forms asking for feedback from products, books, movies and other materials. The surveys require answers that provide one’s opinion.
Transcription: this is another kind of employment for those interested in part time job it is very easy. Individuals transcribe reports, letters and other memorandum and don’t require a lot of qualifications.
Planning: it involves planning events such as weddings,  large parties, corporate outings by individuals who have planning skills.
Answering  services: an individual answer incoming calls from offices eg doctor’s office, lawyer’s office etc. after normal business hours to relay information per specific protocol. It is easy but require patience, good personal skills and a pleasant phone presence .

Tips on How to Write Great Cover Letters

cover-letterAccording to my research there are over a hundred tips on writing winning cover letters but am guide enough to summarize them for you and I really hope they will be of help to you.

  1. Space down two lines and type date, space down four lines and create separate lines the following, Company Name, Contact Name, Company Address , and City, State, Zip Code then space two more lines and type” RE” space down two more lines and type “dear (Hiring Professional Name).
  2. Address the cover letter to the person who makes the hiring decision in the company because this helps your letter more personal and show that you want the letter to get to the right person.
  3. Do not salute especially if you don’t know the person who will be reviewing your cover letter.
  4. State the body of your letter in the first paragraph and may start like this “I am writing to express my interest in the position of (state the position) that was: listed, posted extra:  and was: on, at, on, or write the lines in any other appropriate information. Write about two paragraphs about you and these paragraphs should not regurgitation of your resume.
  5. State your reasons for wanting to work for this employer. Clearly state how your qualifications will help the company and avoid phrases like “I feel”,  “I believe”,  because they show a lack of self-confidence  but instead use confidence statements like “I am positive”, “am convinced” and you have high chances of getting  the job.
  6. Make sure you are truly qualified for the position to avoid wasting employers and your time.
  7. Acknowledge what the company is best known for e.g. if it makes good products, praise the products and state the company’s reputation.
  8. State clearly what you can contribute to the employer’s organization instead of what you hope to from the organization.
  9. Mention in the first paragraph where you learned about the job opportunity.
  10. In the second and third paragraph, establish your professional image by stating your most significant accomplishments and qualifications.
  11. Make sure you grab the reader’s attention right and make him or her want to keep reading. You need to distinguish yourself well.
  12. Your stationary and envelope should match. You should avoid fancy fonts.
  13. Your letters should briefly explain your desire to work for the company.
  14. In the last paragraph, remind the reader that your resume will further explain your education, experience and qualification.
  15. You should request for a personal interview indicating the time you will be available.
  16. Re-check your letter to make sure it is free from spelling and grammar mistakes because carelessness makes a bad impression to the employers.
  17. If you have any special skills or honors, state them specifying how they can advantage the company.
  18.  Be thankful to the reader for learning about the opportunity.
  19. When closing your letter, tell the reader that you look forward to hearing from the company.
  20. Print the letter using a good ink or laser printer.


How to Write a Resume That Sells Your Microsoft Office Skills

If you have Microsoft Office skills your resume should reflect them. In this article we discuss how you can get your Excel & Word skills recognised by a potential employer.

  • Gathering information

Put together all the information you will need to complete your resume so that you may not leave out important information. Such information may include employment history if you have any, honors and awards if you have, your academic level and the skills you have attained including those of Microsoft Office.

  • Using of keyword

In large companies it is most likely that your resume will be read by the computer and the software used to scan the resume looks for certain keywords that are related to the position you want in that company. It is not advisable to assume the skills that seem basic like Microsoft Word because they might be what the employer wants.

  • Specify your skills

Specify on skills which you are more qualified at and do not include the skills which you are not comfortable with.

  • Put programs that look alike together

For the resume scanning software to do the scanning easily you need to group alike computer skills together and this will increase your chance of being hired because the potential employee will see how organized you are.

  • Relevance

Go straight to the point and do not add unnecessary items to your resume. Using directions while writing your skills helps a person not only write features of Microsoft Office Programs only. Make sure you have comfortably stated all your skills.

  • Comparison

It is not a crime to compare your resume with others since there are vital information available on the internet and in libraries about the creation of the resume. Also reading experts resume tips and compare them with yours will help you a lot and help you stand out to the employee as he go throughout your resume.

  • Page layout


Set your page layout and decide on page color, borders and font style.

  • Prioritise

Prioritize the skills you have written according to the type of job you want to make sure you have not listed unnecessary skills and also to include the Microsoft Office uses that are closely associated with the kind of job you have applied for.

  • Be honest

Do not exaggerate your qualifications because the employer is looking for the best candidate fit for the job described. If you feel you are fit are for the job described and you are not comfortable with your computer skills, make it clear in the resume make it known that you are eager to learn and do it fast.

  • Using template

It is not a must you use template while writing your resume but you can use Microsoft Word tools which are basic. Review the resume to make sure everything is in order so that you can be on the safe side.

How to Write a Resume

resumeIf you carefully write your job resume letters well the chances of getting hired is very high. Resume builders will always allow you to easily create a resume. Here are some of the instructions one can follow and be guided on how to write a winning job resume letter.

Select a format which you will use to write your resume.
Create and publish your own website in minutes.
Include your contact information. Under your name should be your address, email, phone and website if any.
Write your address at the top right side of the page. Skip one line and put the date. Skip several lines and put the address of the company you are applying.
Write the position you are applying for and say why you are the right candidate. Add your skills, strengths and experience.
Use bullet points to highlight your skills and accomplishment because the recruiters don, t want to be burdened with reading long paragraphs.
A professional resume should be grammatically correct because any spelling mistake tells the recruiters that you are not conscientious.
Don’t list references on the resume unless upon request .
If you are just starting a job, write a one page resume but if you have an extensive career history, the resume goes over a page.
Write former position and educational levels that would benefit the company in the job resume letter.
Write the responsibilities you have and all of your achievements that make you unique and outstanding candidate.
Finish your resume letter with a strong paragraph and briefly recap your skills and strengths.
Deliver to each point with action words that are easily recognizable and associated with success.
Tailor your entire resume to the individual employer by highlighting achievements and past experiences that directly impact the company and can be transferred to the company you are applying.
Create a professional profile at the top of the resume that highlight three to four top skills that are related to the job.
Avoid silly pictures or graphics on your resume and instead use plain white or beige stationary to print your resume.

Your qualification should should be what to stand out to the hiring manager but not distracting pictures.
Clearly  state the objective the job you want to fill and how you expect to succeed in the position.
Include special skills  and if you have experience with  industry specific tools, list them.
Outline your educational levels  for example what is your degree, have you attended special training or seminars etc.
List your past jobs, dates of employment and include the specific accomplishments in each position if you have worked in the past.
Print your resume and even if you email your resume initially, always carry a hard copy of a nice linen paper to give your interview.
Do not add a cover letter that highlights skills or experiences that are not necessarily in your resume letters.
Focus  on the employers need as well as your own needs in order to see really define the benefits you are looking for and if you combine the two to create your  objective statement.

Helpful Hints for Jobseekers

 Having a job is an essential part in our day to day life. Everyone wants to be sure that their careers are on the right track and growing as quickly as possible. Everyone’s desire is to be on the best career so as to get a good job in the ends will since the internet will be helpful.

Job searching is quite a tiring task and consumes a lot of time but if you are on the internet and have the entire requirement need you can be sure of getting to the job. According to my research there so many questions that people ask about how to seek for a job. Therefore I will be kind enough to take the burden off their shoulder by giving them important tips on job seeking and if followed keenly, one is guaranteed of getting a job of their dreams.

  • If one is using the internet to seek for a job, always be online to gather information since it keeps changing within no time and job application can be done immediately.
  •  Writing a good resume when necessary is very essential and if unable to write on should seek guidance from professional for efficiency.
  •  Seeking part-time and temporary jobs are a good way to get in the door and if a new position opens, then part-time and temporary jobs are a good way to get in the door and if a new position opens, then you have a higher chance than other applicants.
  •  One must let the employer know their strengths why they should be hired since they are candidates by presenting personal brand. (Personal brand is your life and personal skills as they appear on the internet.)
  •  Refresh your resumes and professional image which includes: letter cover and professional references.
  •  Searching for a job is a job itself and you should treat it that way and this will help to concentrate hence maintain hunting job discipline.
  •  It is not wrong to apply everywhere since you can do any task you put your mind on and this shows your smartness and intelligence.
  • While creating a resume, list all tasks you did while you worked because it gives someone a sense of pride of what you have accomplished.
  •  Since the internet is the most preferred source of finding posted jobs, use search engines because they have all jobs postings that are available to companies.
  •  It is advisable to find seek for the name and number of the manager in the company you have applied for a job so as to send resumes directly to him.
  • If from now henceforth you search using the above tips, you bid goodbye to all the disappointment you have been going through before I come to your rescue.


Nb: searching in the areas of your expertise, the employers will count you as a desirable candidate and will be disappointing themselves if they don’t invite you for an interview