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Writing a CV is something that no one likes doing. Naturally we are brought up to be modest and to be meek and not to brag about our selling points, but of course when it comes to writing a CV we’re called upon to do exactly those things. At the same time it also mean remembering lots of dry facts about jobs you probably never liked and stressing about gaps when you weren’t doing anything.

There is an art to writing a good CV though, and if you recognize this it can actually be something of a fun challenge. And let’s be honest… all of us really enjoy talking about ourselves…

Here’s how to write a great CV that will help you to find a job…

Keep it Updated Often

Whether or not you are writing your CV right now, now is certainly the time to act and you should plan ahead to make writing your CV easier in the future. As you work you are likely to encounter many different things that would make perfect fodder for your CV whether those are team building events or challenges you’ve faced in the workplace. The problem of course is remembering them all when it comes to writing your CV. So to make it really great, add to it as and when those great things happen so that you have all the most impressive and relevant information at the drop of a hat – or at least keep a note somewhere of these things.

Write Specific CVs

Your CV should be tailored to the job you want, and you can make anything sound relevant to anything if you know how to spin a little, and there will have been aspects of your previous jobs that will be more relevant to future jobs. You should ensure then to tailor your CV for the job, so that you are focussing on the elements that those employers will be the most impressed with.

Then on top of this you should also have a ‘standard one’ which you can send in when you don’t know much about the business.

Get into the Nuts and Bolts

When you write about your jobs, don’t just write what you did – break it down and write about how you contributed, what you learned, why it’s relevant and what you took for it. Everything that happens to you is a fantastic learning opportunity, it’s just a matter of knowing how to sell it as such and acknowledging that fact. Meanwhile remember the things that employers love to hear – words like ‘teamwork’, ‘creativity’, ‘leadership’, ‘initiative’ etc. How does your experience relate to those terms? Part of your challenge as well is simply demonstrating that you understood how your company worked, and that you have a good nose for business.


Remember, the people reading your CV will have to work with you, and for that reason they are going to want someone who’s pleasant to be around and who is interesting and fun. You need to be that guy (or girl) so let your personality come across a little and try to make your personality unique and interesting so that people will at least remember it.

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