How to Get into Charity Work

So you’re the sort of selfless, noble human being who’s looking at charity sector jobs, hoping that you can find a job where you can make the world a better place while also, incidentally, paying your rent. There are good reasons to go into the charity sector, and not the just the warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing good. It’s a great place to pick up skills, and is a good place for graduates to start looking for work. The charity sector has the highest proportion of works with…


An Easy Guide To Finding Your Ideal Employer

The job market today is a tough one. With so many people completing post-secondary education and seeking jobs, it can sometimes feel impossible to crack your way into the business scene. If you’re looking for employment in a supremely competitive market, you need to take extra steps in order to appeal to employers in a unique way over other applicants. Likewise, as an employee, you should always value your skill set and never sell yourself short. These aspects of job hunting may seem like they’re at odds with one another,…


Preparing Yourself For A Job In Child Care

Child care is a growth industry, on account of how people keep having babies. Last year the number of births reached a 40 year high, and at some point, all of those little sprogs are going to need looking after. The number of nursery nurse jobs in London alone is going rocket.

So, what do you need if you want to get a slice of that sweet, sweet child care money pie?

Make Sure You Have The Right Qualifications

The good news is that for a lot of entry-level positions…


10 College Degrees to Get You Nowhere

An expensive college degree can be almost worthless depending on what you chose to major in. It is not necessarily a good idea to select a major based on money, but you should think carefully before selecting a major that is associated with notoriously low pay. Here are the top 10 degrees to get you nowhere:

1. Architecture
2. Latin
3. Music therapy
4. Social science
5. English literature
6. American studies
7. Poetry
8. Art history
9. Theology
10. Puppetry…


Extreme Job Interviewing Techniques

Recently there has been a rise in the use of what is becoming known as ‘extreme interviewing’ for the purposes of appointing applicants to jobs. Questions including  “name 5 uses for a stapler without the staples” are being utilised to separate the wheat from the chaff in the recruitment industry.

Looking for something a bit different…

The objective here seems not to be to confuse and confound the job applicant but to uncover their ability to think creatively when put on the spot. A fast, intelligent response to an unusual…


Job Opportunities During the Olympics

As London prepares to stage the world’s greatest sporting event, starting in July 2012, job seekers are preparing to take advantage of the countless temporary job opportunities that will be made available before and during the period in which the Olympic Games will take place. Employment agencies, such as Manpower, are already advertising positions, and many more opportunities will become available while the Games are in progress.

Jobs are being offered in a wide range of fields. Some are specialised positions requiring qualifications and experience, but many more opportunities exist…


The Anatomy of a Boss from Hell

The boss from hell is someone who is able to take a regular job and make it a life-altering hellhole. When it comes to communication, the boss from hell does not bother. This boss yells, does not handle reprimands privately, asks for the unattainable, is unclear about nearly everything and can make anyone uncomfortable.

When it comes to personal lives, this boss is inconsiderate. Forget about days off for personal reasons without being made to feel guilty and never tell this boss things you do not want others to know.…


It IS Possible to Leave Work at 5:00 – How You Can Do It

Long nights at the office? It doesn’t have to be that way. Recently the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg admitted that she leaves the office every day by 5:30. If the COO of Facebook can do it, you certainly can, too, and there’s no reason you can’t get out even a half hour earlier. Come on, your job isn’t as important as her is. When it seems like you’re tethered to your desk, it’s hard to find a way to cut loose. If you want to achieve better…


Resume Writing Help : How to Polish Your Resume So It’s Relevant

If you have been laid off, if you are looking for a new career, or you recently graduated from college, you need to create a stellar resume to start your new job search. Having a solid, result-driven resume is essential to land any job. Most HR personnel (Human Resource people) glance at resumes for 5-10 seconds before deciding if the resume warrants further review or if it gets tossed in the trash or deleted from their incoming e-mail account. As you probably have heard numerous times, your resume is your…


20 Things To Consider Before Making A Career Change

You might be bored of your present job or you might be looking for another career to earn more money but you cannot do either of the two without due consideration to a couple of very important things. For your convenience, here is a list with some of the important things you should consider before changing your career:

Why do you want to change your career:

If you are planning to switch careers, you should have a logical and justifiable reason for doing that. You might be moving for growth…


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