Being an introvert does not need to be a negative trait in the workplace. Just as an extrovert has specific talents, introverts do as well. One issue that introverts face is that extroverts make themselves seen and heard typically more often than do introverts. The key for introverts in the job place is to get yourself seen and heard, as well as express your talents to management. There are five job tips for introverts in the workplace that can help introverts succeed in doing so.

Make Yourself Heard

Meetings and conference calls can be nerve-wracking for introverts. It’s important to step outside of your comfort zone and comment on something at least once. Make a plan to do so at least once in a meeting and hopefully more. This shows your coworkers and manager that you are a valuable contributor, and a team-player, without too much effort on your part.

Ask Questions

Another way to make yourself recognized at work is to ask your boss targeted questions. Expressing genuine interest in your position and letting your employer know that you are interesting in growing and succeeding can make you stand out in a positive way. Use your introvert strengths to your advantage. Think on it, research it, and ask the questions at the optimal time.

Recharge during the Day

One thing that is typical for introverts is the need for silence and time to recharge. Extroverts are often recharged and invigorated by people and noise. It is the exact opposite for introverts. Not getting time away to recharge during the day can impact job performance in a negative way. Finding a way to get that time is crucial to success during the rest of the day. This can mean taking your breaks outside, going somewhere silent for lunch, or simply camping out in a conference room for a few minutes.

Volunteer for Tasks

Introverts tend to be able to focus and concentrate well, which is a true asset. If tasks come up that use your skills in that area, volunteer for them right away. Volunteering for extrovert-friendly tasks is fine but it’s ideal to do something that works to your strengths. Volunteering for those tasks right away shows that you are a valuable employee.

Make Face-to-Face Contact

Depending on your field, it’s become increasingly easy to communicate with people without having to actually being face-to-face. This is ideal for introverts. Even though much of your work may be done via the telephone or via e-mail, it’s important to make face-to-face contact with people. Introverts will see this as the safest way to communicate with people. But, developing those personal relationships is key for not only your current position, but for networking and being promoted to new positions in the future.

A way for introverts to succeed in the workplace is to work to your strengths in a calculated way, while stepping outside of your comfort zone from time to time. Implementing these tips can help you make work pleasant, and help build crucial relationships with coworkers and employees.

Matt Thompson is a business administrator and guest author at Top Colleges Online. Click here to read more advice from Matt.


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