Accounts Job Opportunities – Technological Advancement Has Made a Revolution

Unemployment is not the problem in today’s market; the problem is lack of people who are well equipped with practical knowledge & skills and having pure theoretical knowledge. For a person to be successful it is necessary to be both theoretically and practically sound.

Unemployment! Unemployment! is the talk of the state. According to NASSCOM estimate IT enabled services in India might generate 1.1 million job opportunities including accounts and Rs.810 billion in revenues by the year 2008.

The problem today is not that of unemployment, but lack of the required practical training in any field. The candidates lack the knowledge of the implementation of the concepts that they have learnt at Colleges. The jobs are there for people to grab. People are pursuing various degree & training program with the hope of securing a job, but remain unemployed as the employers do not find them suitable for the required vacancies.

The present education system is to be blamed for this paradox. There is too much emphasis on theory. Practical training is seldom a part of the course curriculum. The gap between demand and supply for quality candidate is widening day by day.

For any person to be successful in any career it is necessary for one to be equipped with all the necessary tools (education & training), which one can use whenever required. The usage of the right tool at the right time defines a person’s performance level & also his promotional levels. It is not necessary that a person who has been academically excellent throughout his college life will excel in official activities.

ICA is a humble effort towards bridging the gap. The jobs oriented courses offered by ICA with adequate emphasis on practical knowledge & Job Opportunities are ideally placed to bring smiles to the employers as well as the candidates seeking a job after studying at ICA.

Technological advancement has made a revolution in all fronts and the field of Accounts is no exception. We have managed to bring about a paradigm shift in the minds of thousands of people who think that the accountant’s job is mere book keeping and clerical in nature. After placing 30000+ students successfully all over India for the past 7 years, ICA has not only proved this myth wrong but it also proved itself as one of the best in the field of IT education.

We have got Centralized Accounts Placement Cell as well as Placement Offices all over India. Our claim “Job/Money Back “ statement is made solely relying on the efficient & exuberant personnel of placement department who are working round the clock to stand up to this statement. The students are provided ATJ (ANY TIME JOB) cards which stand for life time Job Warranty to each and every student.

To know more about Accounts Placement & Job Opportunities please visit us at IcaJobGuarantee.com or SMS ICA COURSE/JOB AREA NAME to 7575 or speak to our representative Ms. Radha Rao at 9830929292 or toll free – 18003458000

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