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That weird job search phenomenon…

Ever get that? You don’t even remember applying because it was 10 months ago and then you start getting weird e-mails…
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6 Responses to “That weird job search phenomenon…”

  1. jennibinks says:

    I’m finally off my ass and have been throwing out my CV, already it makes me anxious. I feel like I’m going to become obsessive. I want a job, but I want some quality of life that doesn’t involve thinking about companies all hours of the day. I know one of the companies I applied to is small and will take more time.

  2. oojamaflipper says:

    yea some jobs have been totally none events that were soul destroying in their mundanity. i would prefer a career but its not been somethin i have really aimed for in any concentrated sense. mainly cos i just dont have a passion for any specific area. tho i did for one thing. which i spent 6 years doing but now im sick of it.
    feelin ya on the apathy.

  3. oojamaflipper says:

    great commentary. im totally with you on this. it’s a fuckin ball ache eh?
    im in the job seekin gang now too. sux.

  4. Stardusk says:

    Actually got some part time thing…well maybe…we’ll see/

  5. TheVikingNinja says:

    i might be able to hook you up with a job

  6. IChoseTheRedPill says:

    i hope that things work out for you…