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How to Overcome the Failing Job Market

Today’s market place and employment prospects are far tougher than

it has been in many years. Opportunities for employment simply don’t exist in the manner that they once had.

With employers seeking the younger prospects and a market place overwhelmed with folks who prior to losing their jobs, used to be able to easily produce an income of 65k to 125k are now excepting employment at a fraction of what their incomes were, many of them, by as much as 60 % of their previous income.

A recent online survey taken from Aug.15 through Aug. 31 2006 with a participation of 2123 respondents, shows just how little most know when it comes to positioning ones self for a perspective employer.

51.2 percent of those who responded to the survey put very little emphasis into the importance of writing a resume and cover letter

and finding out exactly what works today, instead of what worked a few years ago. They were still using a resume that had been written as many as six years or prior and simply adding their last place of employment.

23.2 percent of those surveyed believed that it was very important and simply lacked the knowledge and skills it took to write a resume and cover letter that was effective and did very little research to find out what was working today and what was not working.

25.6 percent did whatever it took to produce an award winning resume and cover letter that pulled the attention of the employer and position them-selves as one of the top candidates for the position.

There are only a few ways to win in these days of tougher requirements. When I say tougher, I mean the average, every day individual, who has either been downsized out of his or her job or has decided to re-enter the job market or someone who is looking to improve their present situation.

Your resume and cover letter is very simply the single most important tool in your achieving the success your looking for. Other than attending school and receiving a degree with job placement almost guaranteed.

Let me share a personal story. Back In 1999 things were a little tough a rough patch in life so to speak. This demonstrates what has happened in applying for and getting a job. It was a simple job. I mean, the Position was laying Sod and cleaning up after carpenters, yet you’d think this is no-brainer. Low and behold they not only a resume and cover letter they also wanted a Bachelors Degree. This is what the employment landscape has become so now more than ever, it important to get all the advantages could possibly get you hands on.

There are only a few ways one could go about fixing this particular problem. You could search endlessly on the Internet, trying to piece everything together bit by bit and hope that they you are getting what is needed to succeed today in resume and cover letter writing.

You could in fact, hire this task done and that is where some of 25.6 percent had fallen. You’ll find a cost range of anywhere from $25.00 to as much as $150.00. When one chooses to take on this method, be certain that you have a minimum of 10 to 12 references that you can make contact with to find out the quality of work produced and the successes achieved by a particular writer.

Last but not least, one could easily learn and master the skill of writing a winning resume and cover letter. There are a number of well written and informative guides available to you on the market that will teach step by step how to produce the kind of resume and cover letter that will help you win this battle.

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