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How to write a great Resume for the Canadian Job Market

Most Canadian job seekers do not have the energy or the patience to sit and write their resume, the most important job document in their job search. When writing their resume, most people usually focus on the information that is important to them; rather that writing about what is important to the potential employer. Job seekers spend a lot of time describing their job responsibilities when writing their resumes, sometimes using jargon and terminology specific to their industries. Unfortunately this approach serves to weaken their ability to convey how their transferrable skills relates to the jobs or careers they are targeting.

Writing A Great Resume That Maximizes Your Job Search Success

The first step in writing your resume is to conduct a thorough personal skills assessment to identify the core competences that you have developed through your working experiences and academic studies. The next step in effective resume writing is to describe those skills using keywords that the employers will understand so no jargon and are relevant to the job you are targeting.  

To ensure maximum job search success, you must first develop an understanding of how to identify the skills an employer wants. To do that, you must first review the job description carefully. Most job descriptions are written with the most important qualifications and job responsibilities listed from most to least important. So you must review the posted job descriptions starting with the skills listed at the top to identify the skills that are most important to an employer and incorporate the ones you have into your resume and cover letter.  

To view sample job descriptions visit Hire Impact job board to view jobs from all sectors. You can also visit Resume Solutions Writing Centre to review resume writing articles and tips or you can click this link to visit Resume Solutions home page to review our resume writing services.  Sample resumes can be found at Resume Solutions Sample Resumes Page.

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