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How does a person write a resume that will get them a job?

I need to create a resume that will get me into a job, but I don’t have a college degree nor a technical certification and I am not exactly 20 years old any more. I have never had ro work one up and I would like to hear from employers as to what grabs their attention as to hiring someone from their resume. I have an opportunity to apply for a very good job that I could handle easily, but they want a resume before they will invite me to apply and interview so please help!
Thankyou for the good wish!
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3 Responses to “How does a person write a resume that will get them a job?”

  1. a_wuchang says:

    find someone with a job that u want and tell them to send u a copy of their resume when they applied for the job and kinda copy it. good luck

  2. tsy_fish says:

    an impressive one with lots of space for doubt that benefits himself.

  3. Andizzle says:

    Microsoft word has some good resume templates