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How does a contractor job affect unemployment benefits?

My friend was laid off and he will be eligible for unemployment compensation next week. If he takes a contractor job as a programmer for one month, does that disqualify him from receiving unemployment benefits once his job is complete?

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One Response to “How does a contractor job affect unemployment benefits?”

  1. Anna K. P says:

    Although specific eligibility requirements vary from state to state, most states have the same basic standards for collecting unemployment benefits. They include:

    -You must be unemployed or working less than full time
    -You must meet certain income requirements
    -You must be ready, willing, and able to work
    -You must have involuntarily left your job

    In general, you won’t be eligible for benefits if:

    -You quit your job simply because you didn’t like it
    -You’re fired for committing a crime (e.g., stealing)
    -You’ve never worked before

    In your situation, it seems to be qualified, but I’d recommend you to go ahead and call your local unemployment office, and get a clear answer.

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