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how can I try out a job without losing unemployment benefits?


I was layed off from my last job and am collecting unemployment. I just received an offer from a new employer, but it’s very low and the job looks a bit lame. How can I agree to the offer and try the job out for a few days without losing my unemployment benefits in case the job is a bad fit? Is there a way I can ask my employer or should I do this on the sly?
I should mention this is in California

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2 Responses to “how can I try out a job without losing unemployment benefits?”

  1. not 2 B fooled says:

    You are stuck between a rock and a hard spot – either way you will lose the UI benefits

  2. DAVID H says:

    You can try out your job on a “Work Trial” basis. You will have to arrange this with your Job Centre Adviser.
    This will be on a three week basis and the Job Centre will actually sign you on at your place of work. You still get your JSA and if you don’t like the job you can leave without your benefit being affected.
    If you like the Job well you would inform your adviser who will sign you off.

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